Kuramototanbou junmai. Sold at the brewery only. Umakuchi! — 15 days ago

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Chiyomusubi Sake Brewery

Oyaji Gokuraku Junmai Ginjo

Pretty neutral aroma. Tastes very clean and smooth. A touch of mushroom but very subtle. Basically the patron of sake. — 9 days ago


Nihonjin No Wasuremono Yamahai Junmai Sake

Rob B

On the drier side, made me realize I like both Ginjo floral sake and junmai earthy sake. — 16 days ago

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Dragon God Ginjo Namazume

After a sake flight we opted for aborted of this - aromatically complex and total delight with a multi multi course meal. — 19 days ago

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Kobayashi Winery

Marsanne Boushey Vineyard 2017

Beautiful WA Rhône white from Travis Allen. Tasting pour at the Kobayashi Winery release party. — 6 days ago

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Bill Bender

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Oh I see. Travis.


Japanese Herb Ale Sansho

Japanese herb beer at makoto d.c. — 5 days ago

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Kuroushi Bin Kang Quench Junmai

Med plus body, round, rice with some grapefruit zest citrus note, banana peel, somewhat sweet with good acidity. — 8 days ago

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No. Ten Junmai Ginjo Turtle Opening Repack Students Mountains

This is no. 18 nakadori. Super sanmi / lively acidity — 2 days ago

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Kimurashiki Kiseki Junmai Ginjo

Miracle Sake

Notes of black licorice and green melon. — 6 days ago

Bernard Magrez

Magrez-Aruga Koshu 2012

Fascinating. A touch sweet but worth serving even ice colder. Hints of peach and something more subtle. Great match for Cantonese food. — 19 days ago

Jasmine Chan
with Jasmine