Fumigiku shuzou

Haneya TokuGin50 Daiginjo

Perhaps one of the best sake I have ever tried! It is an incredible sake with amazing length. It last easily 2 min on the palate! Never experienced such a depth for a sake. This kitaya (best Japanese rice) dai ginjo is some what equivalent to a great a great French white! Delight! — 10 days ago

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P A Premium Badge

@Muralee Murugesu Sounds great Cheers 🍻


Gran Agri Japan Premium Craft Beer 2002

Rich and creamy. I like this beer from Ishikawa prefecture. — 6 days ago

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Snow Junmai Ginjo Sake

So special in that nice ceramic bottle paired with grass jelly with mango and lychee. Aged for 3 years with very complex rice flavor — 2 days ago

Kobayashi Winery

Marsanne Boushey Vineyard 2017

A really fun wine from Travis Allen in WA. Lots of juicy yellow pear notes with a chestnut dash, light on its feet but just enough viscosity to give it presence. — 2 days ago

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Matsuse Shuzo

Pine's Edge Junmai Ginjo Sake

20190613 at Ohmi-Hachiman with TOYO Aluminum & YOKOHAMA Rubber. — 4 days ago

Mukai Shuzo

Ine Mankai

Super smooth with rich sweetness. — 11 days ago

Saiya Shuzouten

Yuki no Bosha Junmai Ginjo

One of the best consistently good sake’s we’ve had. Floral and smooth. Great with all of the food here. — 9 days ago


Clear & Smooth 80 Proof Whisky

As far as Japanese Whisky goes its basic but a good price point for everyday drinking. — a month ago

Akita jouzou

Yukino Bijin Junmaiginjo Omachi

Summer version of Yuki Bijin. — a day ago

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Kamikawa Taisetsu

Hokkaido Suisei Junmai Ginjo

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Kamikawataisetsu/ Kamikawataisetsu shuzou/ Hokkaido/ rice species: Suisei/ rice polish ratio: 60%/ Junmai Ginjo/ light note of apple, juicy acid fruity sweetness, smooth and clear. — 11 days ago

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