Il Sogno Di Arianna

Arianna Occhipinti

Terre Siciliane Il Frappato 2019

Nose has ripe red cherry, cinnamon, evergreen needles, moist wood bark, under-ripe raspberry and crushed granite.

Palate has red & black cherry, dried cranberry, green herbs, faint steely notes with nice acidity and mild tannins.

A brief, 1H decant helped to get this bottle moving tonight.

A fine pairing with home made pizza, a Wednesday night staple in our house.
— 3 days ago

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Ely Cohn

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Love Occhipinti!


Il Sogno Nebbiolo

2009. Concentrated herb/country garden/meat scents. Dense and slightly tannic palate. Sick good. — 7 years ago

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Il Sogno di Arianna

Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé Blend

Steak night with Rushi and Liz — 2 months ago

Paoletti Winery

Lilia's Il Sogno Non Plus Ultra Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2015

Outstanding version of Non Plus Ultra. Love this one. June 2020. — 2 years ago

Arianna Occhipinti

Siccagno Nero d'Avola 2013

Occhipinti Siccagno Nero d'Avola 2013

She came on dark turning rubyesque, a spin and first kiss, dripping red from my lip to my white linen cuff, not unlike the juicy explosion of a ripe blackberry, her color and allure dancing in the decanter, then leaning closer, more warmly spilling into my glass, she dips and turns, another spin, I breathe her in and her earthen essence laced lightly but luxuriously in red and black fruit lingers and lures me to drink, her acid does a balancing act with a purple plum preponderance her tannins squeeze holding the moment, we go deeper, darker until she dives disrobing as she rolls, slides, sideslips and seduces another dance, another turn, another twist - "and the band plays on..." For the love of the juice🍷🕶🌀

PS: kale salad @ Il Palio, in Chapel Hill is brilliant! Don't miss that place when there, or, make it a destination - digging their grilled octopus, too🍷🕶🌀
— 6 years ago

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David L

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Always a great job!
Dock Hooks

Dock Hooks

Thx David! Hope all is cool your way "the band plays on forever and the party never ends..."🍷🌀
David L

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Dock-Things couldn't be better! Never lose that zest for life...

Arianna Occhipinti

Sicilia Il Frappato 2019

You made my day! — 6 months ago

Kathrin Knill
with Kathrin
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Il Sogno di Arianna

Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio

From the #mysterycase. First sip is dry and musty lol. Further sips reveal oranges and anise, like a pizzelle. Not bad 😄 — 2 years ago

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Kristie M. Connor

Kristie M. Connor

Arianna’s dream 🌛

Corte Majoli

Ripasso Valpolicella 2010

From il Sogno. Great Bargain, very tasty. — 9 years ago