Harrods Own Label


Spring Mountain District Petite Sirah 2008

From Gerhard Reisacher’s now defunct Delectus winery (actually, the winery might still be active, but he’s long gone and has his own excellent eponymous label out of Knight’s Valley), this is drinking quite well! — 6 hours ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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Clos Pepe Estate

Pinot Noir Vigneron Select 2013

Clos Pepe seems almost like a family of sorts with Paterson, NJ, Allen Ginsberg and selling to me before it became legal to do so in NJ. They are no longer producing wine under their own label, retired. I still have a bunch of bottles left and if they all drink as good as this one I’ll be a happy guy. Just a complex wine all around, very enjoyable. — a month ago

Barbara Raphael
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François Secondé

Brut Champagne

Hints of stone fruit, pear, and a bit of minerality lead to a smooth and juicy mouthfeel. While somewhat refined, the effervescence of the Francois Seconde is a Grand Cru by name due to its origin and is notably muted- though the mouthfeel is delightful and juicy in its own way. Sillery, as noted on the label refers to the village where the fruit is sourced from multiple vineyards, and blended over several vintages. In sum, this is an affordable champagne that will not blow the doors off- but is a simple delight both in its personality and its uniqueness. — 2 months ago

Beth Zitzman
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Château Clerc Milon

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 2000

David T

Showing all the aspects of a grand Bordeaux vintage.

It’s velvet, candied floral, ruby; creamed raspberries, blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, dry stone, limestone & sandstone, black rich earth, tobacco, used leather, tomato with leaf, elegance defined, well knitted & balanced, dark spice, dry top soil, underbrush, candied florals of; fresh, withering, dark, red, purple and touch of blue flowers. Round acidity for days with a long, ripe, velvet finish persistent that falls into a dry minerality on the long set.

Photos of; us spending time learning in the vineyard with our friend & Clerc Milon Winemaker-Jean, Sofia picking the 2012 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Merlot, same day dinner at Chateau Mouton Rothschild sitting with their CEO who was retiring & subsequently ended up running Montrose. Bottom pic is Chateau Clerc Milon. We enjoyed 75 Mouton out of 6L with dinner. The vintage Andy Warhol designed the label. Each artist is given two cases of Mouton as payment if their artwork is selected for their bottle.

Our hands are all over the 2012 Chateau Mouton Rothschild & Clerc Milon wines. So, you probably don’t want to buy those or sell them on an auction site if you own. 😜

Allen Brothers 8oz filet fodder.
— 3 months ago

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Neil Valenzuela

Neil Valenzuela

Fantastic - have a few vintages in my cellar


Barbaresco Nebbiolo 2012

No formal notes - dining with friends at a BYO Italian restaurant in Surfers Paradise. Interesting background story - this is made by Australian winemaker, Dave Fletcher, in the old Barbaresco train station. Dave is one of the chief winemakers at Ceretto. Ceretto allow him to make wine under his own label on the side. A well made correct medium bodied rendition showing red fruits and fine powdery tannins. A great match with Fettuccini Puttanesca. — a month ago

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Mount Veeder Winery

Niebaum-Coppola Vineyards Cabernet Franc 1976

Donald Patz

Wine of the Year – 2020. What a year. Maybe it should be “Wine of the Apocalypse” 1976 MOUNT VEEDER WINERY “Niebaum-Coppola Vineyards” Napa Valley Cabernet Franc. Yes, I love old California wines and every wine I have declared “WOTY” has been from the 1970’s so far, but I believe it’s time to leave the 1970’s behind and move on so 2020 – we go with an obscure variety especially in 1976, Cabernet Franc. I’ve had this wine three times with the last one being this week. Mount Veeder wines from the 1970’s and early 1980’s still sport what may be my favorite label design ever. The David Lance Goines’ label (he also did Ravenswood) just rocks. Oh yeah, the wine...
From a low neck/high shoulder bottle with an intact cork the wine poured out with a delicate aroma of dried roses, light pipe tobacco, and even a hint of cherries. The texture was edgy and tart but nothing to panic about – just a bit of oxidation which would have been surprising if it was absent from a 44 year old wine! I sat with friend Jodi @jojosommface for a couple of hours at lunch and watched as this wine slowly unwound and displayed its full panoply of exotic flavors. At about opening +2 hours it was really stroking – now the aromas had morphed into anise, blackberry, that smell from first grade when you cleaned the pencil sharpener – sort of, cedar and graphite but more complex, some fig and date notes lingering. It was extraordinary in every way and a delight to drink and share.
The 1976 was the third vintage released by the winery started by Michael and Arlene Bernstein and I have no idea how many cases of the Cabernet Franc were made. There was also a Cabernet Sauvignon (I’ve also had), probably a Chardonnay. I’d never seen this wine until it started coming up on wine auctions about ten years ago. I miss wines like this and certainly in my own way craft the Secret Door wines to perform like this over time.
I hope that you and your family get to enjoy wonderful wines together this Holiday Season. If you share one of my wines please feel free to post with your comments!
— 2 months ago

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Rothbury Estate

Black Label Sémillon 1979

The label is barely there, but i bought in the James Halliday's collection auction as a Wood Matured Black label 1979.
At this stage I opened a few of these old semillon and I am honestly loving them even though i realise that not everyone would.
Once they get to room temperature the magic happens.
This is complex and fairly fresh, not gone at all.
I smell almond, bruised apples, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, lanolin, coriander. Autumn forest floor and boiled chestnuts. Nougat and marzipan. Peppermint.
It's very long. It's an experience. It talks its own language. I don't think there is anything like it anywhere else. 41yo, nearly my age, but much more interesting than me.
— 3 months ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

Ceccherini Cristiano Influencer Badge

Thank you @Ron R that was a quick reply☺


Comtes de Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs Champagne Chardonnay 2007

David T

Well...this was one hell of a week. There is only one way to wind it down. Reach for an excellent bottle of vintage Champagne.

My first thoughts are how delicate this is on the palate. Further, how unbelievable it will be with another 8-10 years in bottle.

The nose shows; slightly sour lemon, the good parts of lemon Pledge, lemon meringue, white stone fruits, pineapple fresh with lots of juice, grapefruit, lime pulp, honeysuckle, soft, haunting caramel, brioche, limestone & slightly, dirty, grey volcanics, saline, sea fossils, sea spray, bread dough, vanilla, white spices-light ginger with spring flowers, mixed floral greens & lilies.

The body is light on its feet and dances on the palate. Delicacy abounds. Its soft, gorgeous mousse right there with the best money can buy. Slightly sour lemon, lemon meringue, green & with more bruised golden apple, white stone fruits, pineapple fresh with lots of juice, grapefruit, lime pulp, touch of apple cider, honeysuckle, soft, haunting caramel, ginger ale into cream soda, brioche, nougat, toffee notes, lighter nuts without skin, limestone & slightly, dirty, grey volcanics, saline, sea fossils, sea spray, bread dough, vanillin, marzipan, white spices-light ginger with spring flowers, mixed floral greens & lilies. The acidity is mellow yet lively, gorgeous and as good as it gets. The finish is all luxury. So well knitted & balanced, elegant, rich but not overpowering and gently persisting several minutes.

Photos of; The House of Taittinger, their caves so chalky white and built on the famous Crayères Cellars of Reims: 2.5 miles of tunnels (they own 1/4 to 1/3 of it) cut out of chalk by the Romans, the portrait of Thibaud IV who was a king, lord, manager, singer, conqueror, explorer & 11th century Crusader all rolled into one from which, this Cuvée was the catalyst creation and part of the 600 plus hectares they own in Champange.

Some producer notes; Taittinger's history can be traced back to 1734, when it was originally known as Forest-Fourneaux, founded by Jacques Fourneaux who worked closely with local Benedictine monks to learn how to produce wine. They were just the 3rd Champange house.

The estate was bought by the Taittingers – a family of wine merchants – in 1932, and thanks to the great depression and subsequent low land prices, the family also picked up huge swathes of vineyard. From 1945-1960, Francois Taittinger established the cellars in the Abbey of Saint-Nicaise, and after his death in 1960 his brother Claude took over, pushing the estate into a Champagne house of world renown. Such was the status of the label that the Taittinger family soon expanded its business into other luxury goods. However, this eventually led to financial difficulties, and in 2005 the Taittinger brand – including the Champagne house – was sold to the American owned Starwood Hotel Group. The sale was badly received by the Champagne industry, with many fearing the new owners – unfamiliar with the culture of Champagne – would put profit ahead of quality.

Just one year later, Claude’s nephew, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, who had always been opposed to the sale, negotiated a €660m deal with the Starwood Group, and the Taittinger family resumed ownership of the company.

In 2017, Taittinger planted its first vines in England, near a village in Kent, for its venture into English sparkling wine. The first bottle will be ready in 2023.

— 19 days ago

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Sean Smith

Sean Smith

@David T I have a feeling we’re close by. I shop at the Costco in Novato. Tough to leave with less than a case of wine sometimes.
David T

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@Sean Smith Novato is a good Costco zip code for wine. Costco definitely pushes the higher quality wines & therefore more expensive wines into well to do income zip codes. I’ve seen Petrus a few times in Scottsdale.

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They had a pretty cool Latour combo when we were there last week.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Diamond Collection Green Label Syrah

2017. Great with steak. Ok on own. — 3 months ago

Domaine Sarnin-Berrux

Le Bojo Sutra Beaujolais Gamay 2019

Racy lil Bojo — label and juice! Great body and enjoyed on its own. Could drink this wine all day/night. — 4 months ago