Goriška Brda, Primorje


Goriška Brda Ravan

$23.50, would drink again — a month ago

Vinska Klet Goriška Brda

Krasno Goriška Brda Cabernet Franc Blend 2015

Normally don’t drink merlot but this Slovenian bottle is great. Smooth, acidic, and almost electric on the tongue. — 2 months ago



Cats pee on a bush, beautiful honey color, waxy, nectarine, fun interesting and different skin contact — 2 months ago


Luisa Goriška Brda Chardonnay Blend 2011

Really quite nice and very different. Slightly different, slightly oaked, but not in a way that is bad at all. A bit orange - sees some skin contact - mouth filling, medium acid. Very nice. — a month ago

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Beli Goriška Brda Pinot Blanc 2014

Apple-y and acidic on the nose. Deep golden hay color. Really delicious — not heavy, nice salinity. — a month ago



Classic orange, a bit of caramel — 2 months ago



Baklava and golden raisins on the nose, honey and beeswax. Cidery but luscious as it coats your mouth, genius finish. — a month ago

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Kmetija Štekar

Mali Merlot

5 bars, very fizzy. Light, fruity, with an round almond type of aftertaste. Martina approved. — 2 months ago


Goriška Brda Pinot Sivi 2015

Very tasty, nice peach notes — 2 months ago

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