Galilee, Israel


Vin Hors Series Mythos Mount Meron Merlot Petite Sirah 2014

Time for #MerlotThursday. Here is a tasty one from Israel.

Dark ruby in color with a wide reddish/ brick rim.

Pretty nose of blueberries, black currants, plums, sweet cherries, wood, licorice, spices, vanilla, earth, light vegetables, milk chocolates, black pepper and tobacco.

Medium plus in body with medium acidity and long legs.

Dry on the palate with blackberries, black currants, sweet cherries, cedar, leather, earth, vanilla, licorice, chocolates, tobacco, herbs, spices and peppercorn.

Long finish with fine tannins and tangy cranberries.

This Israeli Petite Syrah /Merlot blend is very enjoyable now. Spicy and elegant with lots of fruits. Showing nice complexity and a great mouthfeel.

This five year old is drinking very nicely now, and will continue to age nicely in the next 10 years.

Good right out of the bottle and gets more complexity as it opens up (30 minutes). Right out of the bottle, it reminds me of an elegant Napa Bordeaux blend. After two hours in a decanter, it changes somewhat, and it feels more like a right Bank Bordeaux.

A very interesting wine, and nice as a sipping wine to enjoy with friends and talk about.

This series is not produced every year. This is bottle number 50 out of 2,500 produced.

Good by itself or with food. I paired it with a triple cream Brie cheese, and crackers.

A blend of Merlot, Petite Syrah and Cabernet Franc. Aged for 24 months in New French Oak barrels. Kosher and delicious.

13.5% alcohol by volume.

92 points.

— 4 days ago

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John Howard

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Wow, a 92 for you is like a 98 for most other people. Have to try!


Upper Galilee Cabernet Franc

Absolutely awesome! — a day ago


Mare White Marsanne 2016

lemony & peachy. thin and balanced. — 9 days ago

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Tabor Winery

Galilee Sauvignon Blanc

a cheap sauvignon blanc from tabor ecological vineyard whice resides beneth tabor mountain in the north of israel(Galilee)
read in that it's a catch so fetched 2 🍾

12% ABV

pale green with skinny legs 👀

👃 it straight out of a regular refrigerator (4 Celsius) overwhelming guava smell jumped out of the bottle. as it got hotter in the 🍷honeysuckle and lemon zest joined the party.

medium + body
medium + acidity

lemon and grapefruit on the front, tropics mid palate and hints of bitterness and chopped green leaves varaiety finishing this juicy 👄

medium - 🎯

balanced and complex.
nice one.

amazing vfm (50 nis)

had it on it's own this time.

brought a bottle to a rich homemade buffet and before I could properly taste it the bottle was empty. i believe it will work with almost everything. ask tim hanni.
— 14 days ago

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Bar-Maor Winery

Cabernet Franc 2016

This is one of the best Israeli wines I’ve tasted. What sets this apart from the Loire is the terrific red fruits to go with the herb, bell pepper, and tomato leaf notes. This was a joy to drink served with grilled salmon. — 22 days ago

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Golan Heights Winery

Gamla Galilee Sauvignon Blanc 2016

So smooth and sweet, a really nice glass. — 3 days ago

Golan Heights Winery

Yarden Galilee Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Classic Cabernet Sauvignon. Surprisingly well made. The 2014 is drinking beautifully now. — 4 days ago

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Golan Heights Winery

Yarden Galilee Chardonnay 2017

Vintage 2017 / it is a world traveller, chardonnay, this wine from Israël has ananas in smell and is very juicy. — 16 days ago

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Med Red Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah 2015

Full body with dark color.
Syrah spice up the Cabernet and give it a very unique taste.
— 9 days ago

Avi Feldstein

Dry Semillon 2015

second feldstein bottle from a threesome.

100% semillon

fermented in bourgogne marsena barrels (old and new).
malolactic fermentation was stopped.
the wine was oaked for a year.

13.5% ABV

gorgeous transparent light green 👀

mostly grapefruit, pear and hints of fireworks👃

medium plus body.
high acidity.

grapefruit, some lemon oil and tropical hints 👄

light pleasant medium minus spikey 🎯

yes please. complex, balanced and so fulfilling.

excelent vfm (90 nis as part of threesome).

paired lovely with another dairy based holiday meal. blue 🧀, matured cheese, assorted quiches, tuna salad, baked salmon and all the rest, it fills the gaps.

looking forward for the last bottle.
— a month ago

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