Franken, Germany

Weingut Josef Walter

Hundsrück Trocken Spätburgunder ,,J" 2012

Lyle Fass

Stunning nose. Mulch, sour and red cherries. Huge mint and menthol. Enormously complex. Tree bark, wood shavings, gorgeous minerality and earth. A divine perfume. Palate is so balanced, so fresh and so pure. Stunning juiciness and purity. But seems to be holding back as Walter always needs mega mega air. Incredible texture and just barely there sweetness and terrific purity. So complex and complete. An amalgam of early and mid season cherries. So juicy. So long. Energetic and mineral. Just a stunner. Concentrated, sappy and structured. Grand Cru all the way. Amazing wine. — 13 days ago

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Juliane Eller

Juwel Weissburgunder 2017

Another excellent showing. On the nose: herbs, lemon peel, loads of wet stone, underripe pear. On the palate, good acidity, cucumber, lovely density, wet stone, lemon peel. The texture is really lovely. — 14 days ago

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Dr. Leimbrock

Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 1995

Shay A

WNH Riesling night.

Quality Riesling, from Alsace and Germany specifically, are wines I love and don’t drink enough of. With age, this grape can cruise longer than any other when made in the right style (in my humble opinion). This ‘95 is out of 500ml.

Coming from some of the steepest slopes in the region (maybe the world?) where grapes are grown, this wine has just enough sweetness to pair wonderfully with the acidity. The aromatics are almost gewürztraminer like with lychee, honey soaked mango and lemon lime oil over limestone but a prevailing note of petrol pokes through. Rich and viscous on the palate, it sports more honey, orange marmalade, stone fruits, wet rock, and honeysuckle. I think this could improve a point or two with an additional 5-10yrs!
— 7 days ago

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Mike R

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Great choice and totally jealous of your choice @Shay A
Bryan Kesting

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Nice one, Shay.

Weingut Josef Walter

"J" Centgrafenberg Trocken Spätburgunder 2006

Dinner with a friend, brief notes this evening.

Prior notes still apply. Great wine, decanted two hours this time, just as good as the last bottle with 24h airing.

48 Hour Update:
Nose has cherry reduction, raspberry sauce, moist garden soil, wet granite chips and dried mint.
Palate has dried blackberry, ripe cherry, (minor) cedar shavings, wet soil, brown bread and chopped chestnuts.
Better performance was on initial opening.
— 24 days ago

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Juliane Eller

Juwel Riesling 2017

Lyle Fass

One of the best Gutsweins in Germany. Superbly mineral, green apple, barely ripe apricot, saline aromas, so clean and fresh. Palate is juicy, lean and has green apple skins and some stone fruits and washes your palate with minerals. Super juicy, elegant and refined. Precise and linear. Just terrific. — 9 days ago

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Weingut Keller

Abts E de Riesling 2017

This bottle looked a little suspect when I first opened it. It just didn't have that anticipated tightness in the nose - lacks the residual flint scents from spontaneous fermentation. Feeling a little disappointed, especially after my previous experience with this batch of bottles (see the last time I had this), I decided I wouldn't even taste it and let the wine air until lunch some 4 hours later. Lo and behold, the wine decided it would sing. Powerful aromas of pineapple, lemon, and herbs. Dig deeper and you can sense the floral and stony elements. There's a certain warmth to the nose, which in a way rang some alarm bells on bottle condition (the 17' Abtserde also typically leads with stone and chalk characters), but it does provide for some intrigue. The palate is explosive, with incredible intensity and depth; and to quote a friend, "all held together by rapier-like acidity and palpable phenolic texture". Endless finish. A stunning wine, despite my postulation that this isn't an pristine bottle. — 22 days ago

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Aaron Tan

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@romo I'm kinda biased too, but it certainly wasn't bad - just not "right" in my eyes. Happy that others on the table loved it 😁
Tom Casagrande

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It’s unfortunate that you so frequently have to deal with heat-compromised wines!
Aaron Tan

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@Tom Casagrande Yea, it has made me very weary 😖

Weingut Bickel Stumpf

Von Hand Trocken Silvaner 2019

Angenehm fülliger Körper, guter Schmelz, hat was von einem Burgunder, gefällt — a month ago

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Solveigs Pinot Noir 2011


MICKE presents a top cru of confusing character. Harmonious coexistence of exotic fruit flavours and the traditional #Burgundian type. This wine only will be vinified in excellent vintages with a strict limitation of bottles.
MICKE stands as a synonym for ‚
#Mickeberg‘, the original designation of a #vineyard site.
MICKE develops exotic dark berry flavours after a long-term maturation. A Pinot Noir of exceptionel character. The vineyard block offers a broad aromatic flavour world. Tannin is nearly not perceptible.
#PinotNoir, 100%. #germanwine #germany #germanpinotnoir #spätburgunder
— 10 days ago

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Weingut Battenfeld-Spanier

Mölsheim Riesling 2019

Lyle Fass

The one and only. One of the best values in all of German wine. Stunning nose. Smells as deep as a GG. Just insane. The aromas of the fruit are so clean and so precise. Just amazing. Peach skin, peach flesh, apricot, nougat, caramel aromas show this is baby Hergott. It’s so precise and so clean but also nuanced and deep. Just a stunning nose. Glorious spice and deep deep minerals. Airy. So so killer. Blind I’d say GG. Wow. I love this wine. So so salty in 2019! U la la! Juicy and so concentrated but elegant and energetic. Sappy peach and apricot fruits on the finish. But also laser like, rapier like minerality. Amazingly pure and deep. So balanced and serene. A zen like experience. Long finish that alternates between fruit, saline and gorgeous mineral. Amazing mouthfeel and purity. Just a stunning Molsheim. Clean finish that just echoes and slowly dissipates. So beautiful.

After some air wow. Herbs on the nose. Hit of honey and the minerals start to waft. Stunning balance and freshness and complex spice and ridiculous fruit on the finish. This is amazing.
— 5 days ago

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Weingut Battenfeld-Spanier

Eisquell Riesling 2019

Lyle Fass

Wow! First Battenfeld 2019 and this is sick! Superb confectionary nose like God dropped down from the sky the best cotton candy ever. Amazing peach flesh and peach skin. Apricot. Superb minerals. Luscious and juicy with awesome freshness and minerality. So alive and engaging. Commands your attention. Concentrated and so pure with peach, apricot fruit and hella minerals. So balanced and pure. Just a brilliant Gutsweine. What energy and inner mouth aromas. Sappy and terrifically deep but also just insanely refreshing, linear and mineral. — 5 days ago

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