Franken, Germany

Zur Schwane

Rieslaner Auslese

Vintage 2017 / expressive with a sweaty smell — 12 days ago

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Hoheleite GG Sylvaner 2015

Strawberry mint deliciousness. Gorgeous — 24 days ago

Lyle FassMatthew Cohen
with Lyle and Matthew
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Markus Heeb

Wolfer Goldgrube Kabinett Riesling 2016

Lyle Fass

I love this site. This is Vollenweider’s protege and vineyard manager. Stunning nose of lime zest, slate, lime flesh, green apple, and an airy slate like expression. Terrific. Stunningly juicy and delicate wine. So lithe and balanced. Perfect Kabi. So delicious. Can drink by the gallon. So pure. Very compact and also has a density but is so so elegant and compact as I said before. Wonderful. So refined. — 18 days ago

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K.H. Schneider

Felsenberg Riesling Auslese 2018

Lyle Fass

Gorgeous nose. Grapefruit. Citrus. Saffron. Clean botrytis. Apricot. Such purity and vividness. Tangelo. Keeps opening and showing more complex and vivid fruit. Leather and smoke and saffron. Palate is so refined and elegant. Like tasting icing on the cake. Insane purity and energy. Rapier like acidity and purity. Amazing inner mouth aromas. Such linearity of flavor. Huge acid. Like wake you up acid and and incredible finish. Finishes incredibly mineral, savory and dry. Such an amazing wine and shows how unique Felsenberg is as a site. — 3 days ago

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Rödelseer Küchenmeister trocken Riesling 2017

Vintage 2017 / Weltner makes excellent riesling! Extreme pure and razorsharp. / paired with beetrootsalade and smashed potatoes — 18 days ago

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Rudolf Fürst

Centgrafenberg GG Riesling 2010

In Frankfurt- wonderbar! — 13 days ago

Weingut Mann


All hail Germany’s Weingut Mann, from Eckelsheim. 2018 Cuvée Rot. 50% Merlot. 50% *Dornfelder. 100% would drink again. Good concentration, strong color with a gentle tannic grip and surprisingly only 11% alcohol. Worthy of cellaring. A brilliant “natural wine” with the ability to woo the naysayers. A wine that could shake off the title of “natural” like a wet dog, knowing it has the integrity to simply be, a good wine, without having to shout out its resume. Confident this would please many people, on either side of the fence. Would love to taste again in two years.

*Dornfelder is a dark-skinned variety of grape of German origin used for red wine. It was created by August Herold at the grape breeding institute in Weinsberg in the Württemberg region in 1955. Herold crossed the grape varieties Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe, the latter which bears his name, to create Dornfelder. Via Wikipedia ;)
— 8 days ago

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Weingut Weltner

Villsenah Sylvaner Scheurebe 2016

Lyle Fass

Super high toned and ripe nose. Herbals, fresh vegetables, some vineyard peach, gorgeous minerality. Palate is so so complex and finely detailed. Elegant and juicy with almost no fruit. Which is a good thing. So complete. Elegant and beautiful wine. Will surely open with air. — a month ago

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Hoheleite GG Riesling 2015

Nose is big minerals and fruit. Palate is green strawberry and big minerals. — 24 days ago

K.H. Schneider

Marbach Beerenauslese Riesling 2018

Lyle Fass

First ever Marbach BA, at least to me. Nose is so so pure. Tangelo, grapefruit, white cherries, apricot, earthy, minerals, grape jelly, so much juicy fruit. You can smell the concentration. Spice. Fennel. Pollen. Sickness. More and more with air. Endless complexity. Insane acidity. Wow. Insane concentration and power but wrapped in finesse. This is gorgeous and young. It seems closed but brooding. Gorgeous, refined and pure fruit that is so vivid it shocks you. Huge mineral complexity. So much energy and the acid makes it almost finish like an ethereal Auslese but the power and concentration and epic finish tells you that you are in Beerenauslese world. Endless finish. So so so elegant. This is so genius. This will be better in time but it’s a 9.9 today. Holy shit. This finish is like 3 minutes. After air the nose shows saffron, clean a f botrytis, crystallized sugar. So so sick. — 3 days ago

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