Ferme De Perrien

La Vieille Ferme (Perrin & Fils)

La Vieille Ferme Rosé Blend

Great rose for sharing a sunset 🌄 — 15 days ago

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La Ferme du Mont

Côtes Capelan Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2015

Complex, tart, juicy, stinky, and spicy. This will absolutely reek in about 5 years and I can’t wait! — a month ago

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SCEA Romilly

Ferme de Romilly Cidre de Normandie Extra Dry (Extra Brut)

Funky flavorful goodness. Holds on to just a touch of sweet apple with tart acidity, tons of barnyard and a bit of bread. — 2 months ago

La Vieille Ferme (Perrin & Fils)

Réserve Brut Chardonnay Ugni Blanc

90% Chardonnay, 10% Ugni Blanc

Very surprised, meets and totally exceeds expectations, for an import under $10 ($9.89) sparkling wine.

Not very characterful, but very well balanced, good bubble level, and no rubber hose or other noticeable detractors. Nice fruit, some straw notes. No headache

Fine and dandy on it own, great as a base for doctoring... French 75, yes please.

— 2 months ago

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La Vieille Ferme (Perrin & Fils)

Côtes du Rhône Red Rhone Blend

The king of the insanely-cheap and insanely-drinkable wines. Light and airy, out-of-season raspberries, milk chocolate. Being used in tonight’s pot roast. Cheers 😋🍷 — 19 days ago

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La Vieille Ferme (Perrin & Fils)

Réserve Grenache Noir Blend Rosé

40% Grenache, 40% Cinsault, 30% Pinot Noir

More Rhonely than the Blanc (90% Chardonnay, 10% Ugni Blanc) and again meets and exceeds my expectations for an imported sparkling rose, under $15 ($10.99).

Pale salmon, Light strawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, cement/stones. Slightly more lean and acidic than the Blanc, equally as nice, different characteristics.

— 2 months ago

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La Vieille Ferme (Perrin & Fils)

La Vieille Ferme Rouge Red Rhone Blend 2015

Light bodied, some red berry, slightly acidic but does well on the stomach — a month ago

Rhône Valley Vineyards

La Ferme Julien Côtes du Ventoux Red Rhone Blend

So this rating is attached to a rating for a Rose Blend. We did not have that wine. Ours was a red, and I believe it was a blend because there was no other description of what kind it was.
We got this at Trader Joe’s and it was a French wine. It was very smooth and drinkable and balanced, yet dry. Tannins were not overpowering.
— a month ago

La Ferme du Plateau

Fouzy Tout Grolleau Blend 2015

Fruity af, very funky, Stoney and some leather — 2 months ago