Fer Servadou

Nicolas Carmarans

Maximus Aveyron Fer Servadou 2013

Smells smoky but tastes fruity and sweet. V tannic — 4 days ago

Nicolas Carmarans

Fer de Sang Aveyron Fer Servadou 2015

Robe rubis fonce
Nez épicé fruit rouge assez délicat
Bouche fraîche et gourmande avec un bel épice et un végétal noble
— 5 months ago

Domaine du Cros (Philippe Teulier)

Marcillac Fer Servadou

An outstanding new varietal find! Jalepeño on the nose with an earthy, bold and elegant character. Long finish. A must try! — a month ago

Les Vins Contés (Olivier Lemasson)

Cheville de Fer Côt 2018

Jammier than I remember — 2 months ago

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Oyster River Wine Co.

Enological All Stars American White Blend 2015


Crisp orange. Some tart fer sher. Maine glou we had at nathalie with crosses and topher — 7 months ago


Mas de Fer Rive di Soligo Valdobbiadene Prosecco

It's been a while I've had Extra Dry Prosecco. This was nice reminder that when well made, it has it's place. This has all the bits in place + grest intensity of peach and apple just like it should. Bring in the Prosciutto and honeydew — a month ago

Agnès et René Mosse

Marie Bonnes-Fer Loire Valley Chenin Blanc 2017

But this if you see it. Fantastic. — 3 months ago

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Domaine de Brin

Vendemia Gaillac Duras 2015

Some heavy hitting on Monday night with Domaine Brin’s “Vendemia”. Mostly Duras with some Fer servadou and Merlot blended in. From SW France, this is a bit unyielding similar to the neighboring wines in Cahors. Dark & loaded with cracked pepper notes, this needs to open up a bit, but the future will be delicious. The record from Circuit Des Yeux, titled- Finding Indigo had a similar effect. It demands your undivided attention to hear the haunting interplay between the soaring vocals and meticulously nuanced arrangements.
One of my favorite albums of the last few years.
— 8 months ago

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