Fattoria Selvapiana

Fattoria Selvapiana

Vigneto Bucerchiale Riserva Chianti Rùfina Sangiovese 2018

Medium ruby color, with hints of garnet.
Aromas of tomato leaf, black cherry, clove, cured meat, leather.
Dry. Flavors of ripe black cherry, clove, leather, black olives.

Intensity: 4/5
Complexity: 4/5
Balance: 4/5
Finish: 4/5
— 7 days ago

Fattoria Selvapiana

Vigneto Bucerchiale Chianti Rùfina Sangiovese 2013

Transparent ruby color. Sweet, but elegant. @2200, Osteria, 180309
Good aroma, ripped flavor, but mid body. Good balanced between tanning and acidity. Mid body but robust taste structure! @2200, Osteria, 180719
— 5 years ago

Fattoria Selvapiana

Chianti Rùfina Sangiovese Blend 2013

Tom Kisthart

A bit tight. Opened up in the evening after double decanting later in the day. Elegant. — 7 years ago

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Fattoria Selvapiana

Vigneto Erchi Chianti Rùfina Sangiovese 2016

This was just beautiful Chianti from head to violet-scented toe. — a year ago

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Fattoria Selvapiana

Pomino Villa Petrognano Red Blend 2011

Andrew Lampasone

Sangivese Cabernet Sauvignon and merlot. This wine is under svrewcap. A soft and easy drinking wine red berry fruit and fine tannins — 8 years ago

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Fattoria Selvapiana

Riserva Chianti Rùfina Sangiovese Blend 2020

Earthy soil and baking spices on the nose. Slightly tannic, with cherry undertones. After breathing for a half hour it really opened up and was pretty darn good wine for $17. — 3 months ago

Fattoria Selvapiana

Fornace Toscana SuperTuscan Blend 2013

Good. Softly tannic. Long and intense vanilla after notes. — 5 years ago

Fattoria Selvapiana

Fornace Riserva Chianti Rùfina Sangiovese Blend 1978

Damn near perfect. Explosive nose of floral rose and wild flowers. Finish once it got going was endless. Really what more can a wine give. Bravo — 6 years ago