Martin Ray

Diamond Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Was decent but succumbing to the unfortunate fate of the ‘97 vintage. Too ripe and more porty than desirable. Compared to ‘95 & ‘96, this is a distant 3rd place. — a year ago

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Amador County Tempranillo 2013

Yes a California Tempranillo — 2 years ago


Holbrook Mitchell Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

A deep garnet with hints of medium cherry undertones. Really intriguing nose that starts off with plenty of oak and blackberries, but then transitions to notes of leather, tobacco, and wet moss. What I want to say is that this is a very pretty wine, which it is, but it’s also so very big. It’s a huge Napa Cab which can be the death knell for so many wines but she manages to deftly avoid that fate. Plush and quite smooth on the tongue, there’s well integrated tannins and a certain lusciousness to this wine. Upon opening, there’s a surfeit of oak but that quickly fades and some really nice fruit shows. Blue and black berries, mint, chocolate, and herbs on the palate. Very nice long finish with some mild spice. — 2 years ago

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Lovely review as always! Cheers!🍷

Beaulieu Vineyard

Reserve Tapestry Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2000

Nose has ripe plum, crushed dark chocolate, moist fig, slight vanilla and dried violets.

Palate has dried blackberry, eucalyptus, ripe plum, blueberry/cinnamon, dehydrated cherry with mostly resolved tannins. Long finish.

Decanted +4H at the time of notes, but improving with more time...a delicious bottle still.

Paired with Chuck Eye steaks from Kinderhook Farm (Valatie, NY); honestly the best (local) beef source in the Berkshire (MA) / Columbia (NY) County areas. Grilled in a mere 12m to perfect 135° centers. I think the Chuck cut for a steak is quite under rated; it's incredibly moist and tender with it's incorporated fats that just fall apart under high heat.

I fell to the same fate on this bottle as the prior a few years back, perfectly clean cork but extracted in 3/4 & 1/4 status. Should use the Durand for subsequent bottles.
— 9 months ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Severn , I’m coming for dinner!
Severn Goodwin

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As everyone should
Tom Casagrande

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Yum yum yum.

Domaine Henry Pellé

Menetou-Salon Morogues Pinot Noir Rosé 2017

Just concluded the annual Fall seclusion at our cabin in the Rangeley lakes region of Maine, mobile service up there is mostly non-existent, after several days I am posting again. Notes are somewhat brief, as my focus is relaxing and watching the Common Loons swimming and diving in the cove in front of our camp.

Nose has ripe peach, cut cherries, tangerine peel dry sandstone and moist hay.
Palate has strawberry, peach, lime wedge, tart cherries, dry-sandy soil and a long finish. This bottle is just holding wonderfully and as fate would have us, we're enjoying our last bottle of the vintage.
— 2 years ago

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Threes Brewing

Tempting Fate Galaxy Pale Ale

Fairly light IPA that packs some floral notes that are overt but not unsubtle. Pretty good. — 3 years ago

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Galaxy hops are quite nice 👍

Jutta Ambrositsch

Kosmopolit Riesling Blend 2020

Alder Yarrow

If there’s one type of wine I might know more about than any other it’s Weiner Gemischter Satz. Just one of those strange quirks of vinous fate combined with the mildly obsessive tendencies of a serious wine geek. Search out my article on it in World of Fine Wine if you want all 8000 words. For now let’s just enjoy the fruits of wunderkind Jutta Ambrositch, who got tired of sitting behind a computer all day and wandered into the vineyards of Vienna, where she still wanders to this day, making the traditional field blends that are both responsible for and symbolic of Vienna’s urban wine scene. Her early efforts were excellent, and her latest wines, like this one, demonstrate a level of refinement and mastery that is quite impressive. This wine comes from 5 different vineyards in Vienna on both sides of the Danube planted with a dizzying array of grape varieties, some of which haven’t been fully identified yet. Call it roughly 30 different grape varieties, including Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, Sauvignon Blanc, Zierfandler, Frühroter, Chardonnay, etc. etc. tastes of stone fruit and citrus, crushed stones and herbs. Snappy, with fantastic acidity and quite elegant and lean for Gemischter Satz, which can, if picked later, be more weighty. This is simply a delight to drink.
— 9 months ago

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R.H. Phillips

Toasted Head Meritage Blend 2001

Nose has plum, ripe blackberry, ripe black cherry, dark chocolate powder, fresh picked blueberry, plum skin, loose pipe tobacco and ripe blackcurrant.

Palate has ripe plum, ripe blackberry, shaved dark chocolate, chocolate power, chocolate cake, ripe black table grapes, cedar shavings, light tannins still exist.
Proper storage, drink until 2025+

38% Petite Verdot, 37% Malbec, 18% Merlot & 7% Cabernet Sauvignon

Another one of our long-term aging experiments. These bottles have really evolved since we added two cases to the cellar in March 2005; $11/bottle. I'm always convinced there is the one god-like bottle in every case, the one that is so above all the others and just a stunning example of quality and talent. Even more amazing when I have to wait 15 years to finally come across that bottle in a low budget, low expectation acquisition, this was that bottle. Perfect cork pull, no Durand needed.

This bottle was opened and consumed earlier in the week, but I'm just getting to writing about it today. We really liked R.H. Phillips in their very early days. A new CA winery, trying to make a name, doing interesting blends (EXP Label had a Tempranillo, late '90's) and putting out wine that really should have cost more. Maybe that was their hook in the beginning... Can't say that honeymoon lasted too long, by mid-2000's the brand took off and turned into a commodity producer, in my opinion.

The oak used to be quite heavy handed in the youth of this wine, so much that one of my dear friends always called it the 'Butter Wine' every time it would come out of the carry bag. No butter anymore...I can only hope that any of the remaining four bottles will be one-half as good as this one. Perhaps fate will shine brightly for us, only time will tell.
— 2 years ago

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@Eric S Yes, especially when expectations are low.
@David T For certain!
Robert Evans Jr

Robert Evans Jr

Can’t agree more AGE AGE AGE
Ellen Clifford

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As I taste so very many wines across the world trying to dial into vintage is tricky—I’ll try to ya attention to...the things. I suppose I tend to be tasting such a wide spectrum that ALSO dialing into vi rage is tricky. But also I want to dial into vintage more.