Emmanuel Houillon (maison Pierre Overnoy)

Renaud Bruyere & Adeline Houillon

Arbois Pupillin Poulsard 2014

Arbois Pupillin Ploussard 2014 by Bruyere&Houillon son in law of Pierre Overnoy maceration semi carbonic, wild, guarana in powder, red berries, light, fresh, acid... glou glou glou glou — 4 years ago

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Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy)

Arbois Pupillin Poulsard 2015

Orange red, super light, looks more like a rose or dark orange wine, cloudy.

To be honest, the notes seem like an orange wine - would have called that if blinded I think. Didn't get any red fruit character found by some CT users.

Reductive nose (olive tapenade), blood orange, quince, tea, savoury tones (tomato branch, forest floor, chicken essence).

Palate - spritzy, very natty and reductive, a touch dirty but still has fruit. Still reductive the next day, but the blood orange and tea notes were clearer. Savoury, with saline acidity and good finish. I found the tannins out of place, especially against the lightness of the wine.

Day 3 - VA has appeared, still sporting reduction interestingly, quite savoury, feels weightier.

To be frank, I don't get this wine. Maybe it needs time, but it's an odd ball of a Poulsard - nothing like Labet's or Bonard's (both of which I like). Could be bottle variation - notes seem to align with that of some users. Would love to drink this again, but with the price trend, it remains a special treat.
— 3 months ago

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Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy)

Vin de Liqueur Arbois Pupillin

12 October 2017. Nora Gray, Montréal, QC. — 2 years ago

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Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy)

Arbois Pupillin Blanc Savagnin Ouille 2011

Russ W

Nice showing for ‘11 savagnin for first 45 minutes- pretty sharp decline after. If you are sitting on one I’d recommend drinking and drinking pretty quick upon opening. Pleasant oxidative notes. — 4 months ago

Krystal Lemons
with Krystal

Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy)

Arbois Pupillin Chardonnay Ouillé 2005

Seth Morgen Long

From what I’ve gathered, 2005 was a difficult vintage chez Overnoy. That being said, this was exactly as you might expect - wondrous and complex. Waxen but austere, mineral and slight twang but everything integrated and sewn up. No need to drink now but it is wide open, considering. I’ve also been intrigued to learn about the chemistry of wines like this, and so I ran this on the Foss at the winery:
TA: 7.42g/L
VA: .69g/L
Abv: 12.12%
pH: 3.24
RS: 0g/L
Malic: 0g/L
Lactic: 3.8g/L
— 9 months ago

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Emmanuel Houillon (Maison Pierre Overnoy)

Vin Jaune Arbois Pupillin Savagnin 2004

Nick Gorevic

Vin Jaune! — 4 years ago

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