Alto Adige Schiava Gentile Edelvernatsch

one of #NY's best things: Red Cat tempura green beans, here w inexpensive, feathery light, tangy, strawberry-evoking Egger Ramer Schiava '13 (skee-ah-va) from Alto Adige — 5 years ago


"Kristplonerhof" Edelvernatsch

Une robe tres clair, un nez étonnant après la découverte de la robe, et en bouche... un bel équilibre!... — 7 years ago

Peter Zemmer

Alto Adige - Südtirol Edelvernatsch Schiava Gentile

This guy knows how to party with wild salmon. Spot on. — 5 years ago

Erste + Neue Kellerei

Edelvernatsch 2013

Don't know if this is supposed to be a wine night, but so far so good. — 6 years ago

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Gillian Robb

Gillian Robb

So cool. Love your feed. 💕
Anthony Lombardi

Anthony Lombardi

Cheers Gillian!


Edelvernatsch Shiava Gentile

Nice tart bite and fairly acidic, sweet cherry smell, very fruit forward but resides for awhile, alcohol is bright and overall good complexity but missing a level of cleanness I desire. — 5 years ago