Dubrovaçka, Dalmatian Coast

Jako vino Stina

Bogondon Plavac Mali Blend

Pio na Korculi, odlicno vino! — 19 hours ago

Zlatan Otok

Bilo Idro Plavac Mali

Wow this is a really cool wine. Dry blueberries. Drink chilled. — 2 months ago


Babić Red Blend 2017

Very enjoyable, dark, a little earthy. I will def get again as it’s a good change from the usual. — 3 months ago

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Cool! 🍷

Vinarija Dingač

Vinogorje Peljesac 2015

Blackberries with a nice dry finish. Nice table wine — a month ago

Peninsula d.o.o.

Pomalo Debit Méthode Ancestrale

Maybe I’m inspired by the name, but this wine literally reminds me of a ripe pomelo in color and flavor profile! Tropical floral nose, racy citrus and bone dry finish with a hint of salty silkiness as it warms in the glass. So crisp and refreshing!! — 3 months ago


Marica Plavac Mali

Dark, fruit funk. Smell is ok, but the after is greatly complex. — 3 months ago


Plavac Mali

Throughly enjoyed — a month ago

Vina Fiolić

Maraština White Blend

220425 @croacia en Corte con ale, andrea, vero. Miy fresco, balanceado, citrico en el punto — 2 months ago

Pošip Čara

Pošip 2019

Absolutely fantastic!!! — 3 months ago

Lana Vukmirović Mišić
with Lana


Ante Sladić Lasina Red Blend 2018

Light and easy to drink, similar to Pinot noir — 3 months ago

karen Blair
with karen