Dordrecht, Zuid Holland

vandeStreek bier

Populus 12 Maanden Vatgerijpt Laphroaig Whisky NachStout Imperial

NV / Stout beer from Holland, aged in whisky barrels. With peat smell. — 5 months ago

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When opening the bottle I got the sweet chocolate aroma with the hints that it's indeed a wine. In the glass you can smell the grape and looks just like chocolate milk but boy is it smooth and sweet. The red shines through with the chocolate in a sweet harmony. It slides down the throat warm and leave a sweet zing afterwards. — 4 years ago


1772 Dry Gin

Loopuyt Gin from Holland - floral and super smooth, use just a splash of tonic and just enough ice to keep it cold to create a great G&T — 3 years ago

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Liquore L'Autentico

Love it 1:3 w Coke 8/13 — 6 years ago

Vine Smoothie

Pineapple Coconut

Vine Smoothie-DELICOUS!! — 6 years ago

New Holland Brewing Co.

Sour Series Incorrigible White Sour Ale

Great sour, boasting sour orange notes atop underripe and dried apricot in direct contrast to a balsamic ginger and citrus nose. Nice feint. Nice catch. — 3 years ago


Original Chocolate Infused Red Blend

Great chocolate crossed with the raspberry great sipper in the hot tub — 6 years ago



Great over ice cream — 6 years ago