Dalla Valle Vineyards

Dalla Valle Vineyards

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1992

Fresh fruit, cassis, blackberry, dark chocolate, and licorice- can’t believe the age! — 11 days ago

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Vinas Viejas Valle de la Orotova Listan Negro 2017

I grew up in the volcanic area of central Oregon so the smell, taste, and texture of lava is quite familiar to me. Which is what jumps out at me immediately on the nose, “Aa lava,” which is hot when it comes out but cools quickly and dries in hard, sharp chunks. This wine emits a distinctive aroma like hot (dried) Aa lava or asphalt. It is also quite herbal with juniper berries and sagebrush aromas and flavors. I can hardly get fruit here, dark cherry, spicy plum perhaps but the minerality is so interesting, so complex, I don’t even care about the fruit! I feel I could go on about hot rocks and ash and morning after campfire when you burn juniper and olive wood. It’s truly delicious, savory, and special! The acidity is unbelievable given this is a hot climate wine. The tannins are perfectly grippy. Medium long mineral finish makes me think this wine will age quite nicely! — 20 days ago

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Ron R

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Nice notes, Amy.

Blankiet Estate

Paradise Hills Vineyard Proprietary Red Wine 2001

Old school battle. Blankiet takes it easily. Perhaps a vintage disadvantage for Dalla Valle? Haven’t had many 2000’s. Hour 2 update: both wines have calmed down and the Dalla Valle has improved considerably. Both wines are fully mature, smooth, integrated, and complex. Dead heat. — a day ago

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Very nice . A little side by side.

Les Crêtes

Valle d'Aosta Fumin 2017

Pleasantly funky. Wonderful dark color. Dark Cherry and cranberry fruit with a hint of black pepper spice. Very “Syrah-like” thick skinned Northern Italian grape. Great pairing with any dish that includes truffles. Awesome food wine. Very pleasant surprise! — 4 days ago

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Casa Madero

2V Valle de Parras Chardonnay Chenin Blanc 2017

Surprisingly good for a blend with Chardonnay. Hotel owner gave it to us as a gift in Puerto Escondido. — 4 days ago

Suertes del Marques

7 Fuentes Vino de Villa Red Blend

A lighter red, very smooth, low acidity, low tannins. Pepper on the nose and some smoke on the palate. Had with steak tartare and was a perfect match! — a day ago

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Adobe Guadalupe

Kerubiel Red Blend 2004

2004 vintage remarkable Mexican chateaunuef dp has aged amazingly. best of any mexican wine for that I have had — 2 days ago

Grosjean Frères

Vallee d'Aoste Fumin 2010

medium body red/black super grip, almost no fruit up front, straight to sawdust and soil....and then some super sour cherry finish! ....totally rad — 10 days ago

Jess Paley
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La Crotta di Vegneron

Nus Vallée d'Aoste Malvoisie Flètri 2011

— 7 days ago

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Tinto Grenache Cabernet Merlot

Sadly, this app keeps restarting if I ever away from what I’ve writing, so I will just tell you,
Excellent wine, crazy varietal combo that totally works. Priced perfectly. Another excellent Vino de Mexico!
— 18 days ago

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Nice review! I like the piece in the background. 🍷

I've found the app "buggy" since the updates.
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@Trixie Whew! Always good to know I’m not crazy! 🍷