Dalla Valle Vineyards

Dalla Valle Vineyards

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Youngest DV I’ve had. IMO these are best to start at the 10 year mark and this one’s no exception. Big alcohol for them (15.2%), but all the classic pure black fruit and wet tobacco. — 20 days ago

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Ron R

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Good Monday pull, @Eric Shanks
M. Christopher Roebuck

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Sounds great, need to try!


Torrette Superieur Valle d'Aosta Petit Rouge

Dark, like fumin, but with a very light mouthfeel, like violet and raspberry, and decent tannins. — 20 days ago

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Valle de Uco Malbec 2016

It’s like a battle of the bands because this Malbec jams. Jammy, but not sweet, lingering encore. Get your backstage pass! — 9 days ago

Les Crêtes

Cuvée Bois Valle d'Aosta Chardonnay 2011

World greatest Chardonnay blind tasting — 10 days ago

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La Kiuva

Arnad-Montjovet Nebbiolo 2016

Delicious and light, goes down smooth. Only $14 for the glass — 3 days ago


Sudtirol Eisacktaler Sylvaner 2018

So easy to write off this formidable, yet tender giant because it needs at least three days’ aeration when young. And this one didn’t hit its stride until day 6, now exhibiting lemon zest, citrus oil, fleur de sel, subtle and persistent Alpine minerals and a palpable, electric energy. For me, this is the greatest Sylvaner in the world, along with Keller’s Feuervogel. — a day ago

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Les Petits Riens

Petit Bout de Lune White Blend 2015

Nez plantes médicinales
Bouche ample et généreuse fruit jaune et finale longue fraîche avec une noble amertume
Vin rayonnant
— 10 days ago

Ver Sacrum

Los Chacayes Mendoza Garnacha 2017

Clear, bright garnet in colour showing clove, wild strawberry and red currant notes on the nose. The palate is light and juicy with some lovely subtle chalky tannins that keep it well poised in the red wine (rather than rosé) camp. Pretty decent length. A great reminder that natural wines don’t have to be flawed (and shouldn’t be when crafted by a professional). — 15 days ago

Bodega Santa Julia

Reserva Valle de Uco Malbec 2018

Quite dry, possibly good with pork or beef but wouldn't hold up to steak. Very nice to drink later on the evening. — 5 days ago