Czech Republic

Milan Nestarec

Forks And Knives Grüner Veltliner 2016

Upon first opening it lacked any body and was akin to kombucha (which I hate). After 45 minutes it ate its Wheaties and bulked up a little bit with some extra tang, acid, and musk. Pretty darn funky and fun. Would ask out on another date. — 5 days ago

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Ryzlink Rynsky Riesling 2015

Pretty amazing wine. It was great when I opened it with a lot of complex salty and mineral notes, but three days later it was even better! — 21 days ago

Milan Nestarec

If God Exists, I hope he has a Good Excuse Riesling 2017

funky fre$h, sweet peachy honeysuckle nose, tastes slightly off-dry, some funk and a little zing, acidic and fun like a summertime lemonade but not crazy acidic like Chick-fil-A lemonade. tastes different than other rieslings I've had but in a good way, this might be the first natty riesling I've had? (Wine Press, imp. Jenny and Francois) — a month ago

Milan Nestarec

Red Blend 2016

Tart red cherries. Wet gravel. Light pepper. Great finish. — 11 days ago

Milan Nestarec

Danger 380 Volts Sparkling Blend

Peaches! Lemon curd. Subtle salinity. It’s going quick. — 11 days ago

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Richard Winery Stávek

Divy Rysak 2017

Light bright red berries — 21 days ago

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Jan Becher

Becherovka Original Liqueur


The herbal flavours taste really fresh and it is not too sweet. Good with tonic (“BenTon”) — 2 months ago

Gala Vinartsvy

Bavory Merlot Frankovka 2017

Really a nice surprise, mellow, full bodied and rich. Sufficient acidity through the finish. — 6 days ago

Vicki Sliwa
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Jaroslav Springer


One of the best pinots I have had (2016). Very nice balance of fruit and dryness. Mouth feel was incredible for a Pinot. Trying to figure out how to get more. — 24 days ago


Pesecká Leánka Happines 2017

Rose water and citrus flowers — a month ago