Czech Republic

Milan Nestarec

Okr Chardonnay Blend 2021

Beautiful orange wine with great minerality and both floral and herbal notes. — a day ago

Milan Nestarec

TRBLMKR Neuburger 2018

Wax and gunpowder dominate the nose. Refreshingly high acidity, light bodied, with mostly lemon and a relatively long, salty finish. Interesting texture that kind of tickles the tounge, not an overly long maceration, perhaps. — 5 months ago

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Three Thieves

California Republic Pinot Noir 2019

Light, fruity, but not sweet, slightly astringent — 7 months ago

Milan Nestarec

Nach Red Blend

At Off the Rox (Delectable’s ridiculous search still, years later, thinks I am in the Middle East). — 3 months ago

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Richard Stavek

Mlady Bocek 2019

Lush and surprisingly bright for a red. Smooth and bold while still being light-bodied. Notes of tropical fruits on both palate and nose. Medium-high acidity but not tannic at all. — 5 months ago

Milan Nestarec

Red Blend

I could drink this all day! — 2 months ago

Milan Nestarec

Bum Bum Cha Pet-Nat Rosé Blend

Funky and good. Almost like a great sour beer but not as tart or heavy. — 4 months ago

Milan Nestarec

Forks & Knives Red Blend

great w/ bbq chicken — 5 months ago

Tailored Republic

California Pinot Noir 2019

Silky, soft, complex and delicious. A great surprise. — a year ago

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