Collier Falls


Okanagan Falls White Blend 2017

Very full bodied for a white. Lots of great flavours — 18 days ago

Rebecca Graham
with Rebecca

Jones Family Vineyard

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2002

David T

2nd steak wine with the Allen Brother Ripcaps & Covers. Dessert steak wine.

Ruby, ripe, dark, fruit, spice, withering floral fruits of; blackberries, black raspberries, dark cherries, black plum, cherries, creamy raspberries & poached strawberries. Dark spice, anise to black licorice, steeped tea, dry crushed, rocks, limestone volcanics, sap, dry twig, leather, barrel shavings, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon stick & vanilla, dark chocolate, melted, salted, caramel, herbaceous notes driven with sage, touch of menthol, mint with lavender & violets for days framed in dark, withering florals. Acidity is dead on. The finish falls into well knitted & well balanced elegance for days
— 15 days ago

Christina ChampagneJames
with Christina and James
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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

My other 2 bottles of 02 arrived today😋
Severn Goodwin

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If my travel schedule ever settles down, I'm gonna be on this...

Domaine Charles Frey

Collines de Granit Alsace Gewürztraminer 2016

whiplash tangerine streak at first.....the tropical/lychee/rosewater thing of leans a little oily, which may be the years on its side speaking, and there’s the faintest bit of something that falls between rubber and mint. a fleeting rose perfume comes back, then some grapefruit rind. then this weird thing that’s like baby aspirin rubbed into wet wood. plucky. — 12 days ago

Jess Paley
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Okanagan Falls Pinot Noir 2015

Lovely Pinot! Well balanced cherry notes with some acidity — a month ago

Rebecca Graham
with Rebecca

Cameron Winery

Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2018

Love love the nose. Palate falls a little short. Day 2, better. — a month ago

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Aravind A

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Give it time! The 16s are just starting to show well.

Granite Falls Brewing Company

Knotty Gurl

Sometimes you just need a nice clean lager. — 18 days ago

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Anthill Farms

Tina Marie Vineyard Pinot Noir 2014

Nice showing , but for me AH commonly falls short on the palette. — 15 days ago

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Stags' Leap Winery

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Sorrel, black Cherry, musty leather, currants, blackberry, opaque ruby, wet, almost flat but on the rim acid to tannin wise and it works, the fruit falls fast but starts with a high acid and at the finish there is a grassy, sweet, focused lump of wet body — 2 days ago

Silver Ghost

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

David T

First time having Silver Ghost.

This had nice texture, thickness, was round & lush. Blackberries, black plum, black raspberries, plum, touch of very dark cherries/raspberries & shades of blue fruit round out the fruits. Expresso roast, sweet tarriness, black licorice, mid intensity back spices, tobacco, soft leather, mild volcanics & limestone, barrel shavings, dry crushed rocks, stones, rich dark earth with an array of fresh & slightly withering; dark, red, purple & blue florals. Nice round acidity. The finish is rich, lush, elegant, round, respectfully balanced and good but, uneventful finish/experience. Falls into the serviceable Napa Cabernets category.
— 24 days ago

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