Chiyo Shuzou

Kawatsuru Shuzou

Sanuki Cloudy

サケナードにて川鶴、讃岐くらうでぃ。かるぴすてきでうまい。添加アルコールそんなに感じない。ロックにした方が飲みやすいかも、後から氷入れてもらった。 — 15 days ago

Inaba Shuzou

Premium Stella Junmai Daiginjo Drip Muroka Genshu Yamada

A bit of honey, smooth and buttery. — 2 months ago

Ohmine Shuzou Co.

2 Grain Junmai Ginjo

From publicly snubbing the saké authorities to collaborating with Pharrel and Nigo, Ohmine is as cult as it gets as a saké producer. So colour me surprised when the Ohmine saké's became available in Malaysia. Gosh, our local saké scene never ceases to amaze me.

The 2 Grain's probably a Junmai Daiginjo, but with their rejection of typical saké terminologies, we will now "never" know. Clean, pure, and fruity, with a weighty glycerol-texture and prominent rice sweetness in the back end (sugary almost). In fact, this was one the cleanest sakés I've ever had. The wife loved it for this very reason! KK found it a little too rich, which I understand - the sweetness and ripe stone fruit profile can be too much without more acidity. For me, I found it enjoyable. My only gripe was the noticeable alcohol despite being low in alcohol in the context of saké. I think it could have benefitted from more air.
— 4 months ago

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Brent Young

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Interesting 🧐 Nice note 👍
Aaron Tan

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@Brent Young Another one to seek out! Not cheap, but what is these days 🤣
Brent Young

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Very true. And I will look for this one 👍 Thanks 🙏🏼

Arimitsu Shuzou

Akitora CEL-24 Junmai Daiginjo


@長谷川酒店 2772 incl tax — 15 days ago

Kameizumi Shuzou

Junmai Daiginjo Genshu CEL-24 2019

Unpasteurised saké, made with a special yeast strain called Cel-24, which reputably brings out a lot of fruity aromas as clearly seen here. Straight out of the bottle, it smelled like sesame oil, yeast and ripe bananas, which developed nicely into estery, exotic fruit aromas with air. Clean and treacly-sweet on the palate, with oodles of exotic fruit flavours - think bananas again, passion fruit, and mangoes. Finishes warm and sweet. Doesn’t quite excel on the drinkability front, yet I was compelled to have about two glasses before I was spent. I felt there was a level of juiciness in the saké despite how rich, ripe, and round it was (kind of like a botrytised Riesling). An excellent end cap to dinner, courtesy of M at C12! — 2 months ago

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Nagurayama Shuzou

Yokikana "Master's Touch" Junmai Ginjo Sake

Nagurayama Yokikana - The Master’s Touch. Let it warm and round out. It’s nice cold, crisp and viscous as well as when the chill is off and it becomes a bit sweeter and a bit more weight as the alcohol becomes more present. — 6 months ago

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Norman Gennaro

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The back says a daiginjo in all but name. Serve cool but not cold. Agree on both counts.

Asahara Shuzou

Koikoi Junmai Ginjo


Sweet at firs then finish real clean.
Sweet sake but not overly. Not floral.
— a month ago


Kishu No Fudo touji shibata hidemichi heiwa shuzou

Somewhat reminiscent of Wakatake Demon Slayer. Hints of melon, unusually smooth. — 2 months ago

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Heiwa Shuzou

Kid Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki

Full bodied and warmer than a traditional sake, paired beautifully with simple nigiri. — 5 months ago

Tomita Shuzou

Shichi Hon Yari Junmai

Bright aromas... almonds, honeydew melon, earthiness. Sweet melon flavors nd textures with a round body and a bit of tingly acid at the tip of the tongue. Very yummy, now bring on the sushi!! — 6 months ago

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