Central Coast Pinot Noir


Logan's Pinot Noir 2013

Bright nose of strawberry, cherry, along with hints of spice. The palate is surprisingly soft given how (relatively) young this is, suggesting that this may be on a fast evolutionary track. Lots of primary flavors coupled with (pretty subdued) earthy components. A great example of what St Rita Hills provides. Not the best that Melville has to offer - Block M, Terraces, and Cone 115 Indigene hold that place - but this is a great intro into one of the best wineries in California. — 11 days ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
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Sine Qua Non

Covert Fingers Pinot Noir 2007

2004 Sine Qua Non Covert Fingers Pinot Noir. 14.9% alcohol from the Santa Rita Hills Vineyard. Beautiful, youthful garnet hues with a seductive bouquet of dark fruits and freshly cut flowers on the nose. On the palate, sweet, ripe cherries predominate with notes of cinnamon and candied orange rind nicely balanced against a yeasty, freshly baked bread-like savoriness that blows me away. Texture in Spades. Wonderful acidity. Complex and perfectly balanced. My brother-in-law Joe said it best when he described the wine as ethereal. Wine of the weekend for me which is saying something since the weekend just started. Hate to sound like a broken record, but Manfred Krankl. Nuff said! — 20 days ago

Bill BenderCharles GudasMike Conti
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Joe Lucca

Joe Lucca

Gorgeous wine, beautiful pic, and fantastic notes. Need to get my hands on this. PS: didn’t realize Manfred named this after our own @Bill Bender
Bill Bender

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I’ve had the Hollering ‘M and the No. 6 but they are both from Oregon fruit. I’ve never had an SQN Pinot noir that uses central coast grapes. How extraordinary to produce a balanced PN at 15% abv!! And yes @Joe Lucca covert fingers does capture my essence 😏

Kosta Browne

Rosella's Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012

Light yet full of red fruit with a great finish. Extremely enjoyable — 9 days ago

Eduardo J GarciaJoe Balerdi
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Belle Glos

Clark & Telephone Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015

Had another bottle on vacation. Bright Ruby with aromas of sweet red fruit and herb spice. On the palate red fruit flavors of sweet raspberries and cranberries with some cinnamon spice and smoky oak very well balanced, soft tannins and perfect acidity. Lingering finish ending with earthy tones and mineral notes. Aged well after about a year but some more time in the bottle will benefit. — 11 days ago

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Bevan Cellars

Rita's Crown Vineyard Pinot Noir 2014

Yowser! Bevan makes wines that just shout at you from the wine glass - and I love it. Nothing close to traditional or classic Pinot Noir. Dark bold fruit with baking spices and concentrated flavors, true grit at the core, and colors rivaling cabernet. Black cherry, vanilla spice, dried lavender, toasted black pepper corn, red delicious apple skin, dried sage, black plum, cloves/nutmeg, and cranberry sauce. I know Bevan goes for French styled wines, using French oak and French practices.. and they have some of the flair and nuance, but he has a unique style of his own. None are like Bevan. — 16 days ago

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Ron R

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The foreground and background of this pic look so good...
Matt Trader, TWP

Matt Trader, TWP

There are definitely worse places to drink Bevan wine. @Ron R

Sandhi Wines

Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir

Oh my goodness, here is goodness itself. Such an accessible poem this wine. Forthcoming wild strawberry jam and bark and sweet smoke like incense. It's like when someone remembers the things you love, the things maybe you even forgot you loved, and tries, really tries, for you and their effort engulfs you and they don't see that consideration in themselves but it's so vivid in your eyes. — 4 days ago

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Hilliard Bruce

Sky Pinot Noir 2012

I only needed to know that Greg Brewer was behind this label to take a chance. He is crafting Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for husband and wife John Hilliard & Christine Bruce, who are former artists and master gardeners who relocated from Houston to Santa Rita Hills in 2002 and purchased a 101 acre property with 21 acres under vine. Their 2012 Sky Pinot Noir presents high octane black cherry splashed across a myriad of earth tones that yields a juicy, yet savory style. In the secondary, citrus pith and floral notes juxtapose against loam and sandalwood. — 14 days ago

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Sea Smoke

Southing Pinot Noir

Just a baby, this was showing beautifully already. Delicate floral notes on the nose and nice pop of acidity to take on the charcuterie. Delish! — 10 days ago

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Carl Fischer

Carl Fischer

What vintage?
Kirk Feyereisen

Kirk Feyereisen

@Carl Fischer 2015. I was on the list for years and let it lapse. 🙄


Twelve Clones Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir 2015

Light bodied and a creamy texture. Strawberries on the mid palate and a smooth finish. Crowd pleaser for my colleagues out for a quick bite after arriving in so-cal for a couple days of meetings. Gotta stay in the meal limit! 😂 — 17 days ago

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La Voix Winery

Rebel Rebel Quinta del Mar Vineyard Pinot Noir

Very nice earthy nose with cranberries and pomegranate and allspice. Fantastic with a nice steak! Very nice wine! — 7 days ago