Bernard Boisson Vadot

Bernard Boisson-Vadot

Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay 2014

Alex Lallos

Again and again. $40? Flat out stunning for the price — 13 days ago

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Bernard Boisson-Vadot

"Les Chevalières" Meursault Chardonnay 2015

Everything I want in a white wine and then some. Well balanced acidity, creamy texture, citrus fruits, a very unique match stick smell on the nose. Spectacular — 3 months ago

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Bernard Boisson-Vadot

Genevrieres Meursault 1er Cru Chardonnay 2014

In 5 years a 3 digit score! — 6 months ago

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Bernard Boisson-Vadot

Les Grands Charrons Meursault Chardonnay 2008

The palate is full of lively verve. Lemon lime high acidity. What seemed at first to be notes of hazelnut actually blew off. In fact I mistook these notes. The wine seems to be rather reduced. Color is light gold/dark lemon. Went well with roast pork. — 5 years ago

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Pierre Boisson

Bourgogne Blanc Chardonnay 2017

David T

I’ve been reading & hearing about this rising Burgundy star for awhile. It was time.

The first thing I would say about this bottling is it is still very young. A few years will improve it greatly.

While young, it rides the French Burgundy & Sonoma Chardonnay fence with great balance between the two. The wood use isn’t big, just more than I like at this point for burgundy. I think that will soften in time. They use about 20% new for their Bourgogne Chardonnay & 30% for their higher end whites.

The nose is cream soda with a touch of ginger. Green apple, pineapple, lime candy, elegant minerality, soft chalkiness, sea spray, sweet butter, vanillin, sweet volcanics, yellow lilies, spring flowers with a touch of cut greens.

The body is round with good viscosity. Really beautiful. Drinks like a nice Meursault. Cream soda with a touch of ginger. Green apple, pineapple, lime candy, white peach, hints of grapefruit with a touch of sugar, honeysuckle notes, elegant minerality, soft chalkiness, sea spray, sweet butter, vanillin, herbal characteristic, sweet volcanics, yellow lilies, spring flowers, fruit blossoms with a touch of cut greens. The acidity shows the strength of the vintage. The finish is; perfect balance fruit & earth, elegant with excellent polish that persists several minutes.

Get it while you can. They produce several wines and only make a total production of 3,000-4,000 cases depending on what the growing season brings.

Photos of; long shot of their Domaine, father and son winemaking team of Bernard and Pierre Boisson, a near perfect cluster of Chardonnay grapes and the family (Pierre, Bernard & Anne) tasting in their cellar.
— 4 days ago

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Dick Schinkel

Dick Schinkel

Top 👌

Domaine des Comtes Lafon

Meursault-Charmes 1er Cru Chardonnay 2002

Kellogg's Special K frosty cereal, sweet corn, yeasty and nutty. Compared to the Boisson Vadot, there is density and richness, but I suppose the age to this wine is a factor as well. A very different kind of Meursault. — a year ago

Anne Boisson

Sous La Velle Meursault Chardonnay 2016

Do not want to make too much noise any more about the wines of the Boisson Vadot family because they are so fucking good...and because it already becomes more and more difficult to buy them. If you want textbook Burgundy whites then this is what you should drink. The whole range from the simple burgundy white to the Chevaliers and Genevrieres does deliver and ages well. — 2 months ago

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Pierre Boisson

Meursault Chardonnay 2015

This bottle completely delivers according to expectations. A Meursault Villages which could compete easily with other more famous parcels and producers. The hype around Boisson Vadot is completely logic. Reminds me of Coche Dury but as they work closely together this again is logic. Big wine which will age well. Beautiful ! — 4 months ago

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Bernard Boisson-Vadot

Pommard Pinot Noir 2011

Big fan. Exceptional balance and nice acidity. Smoke, pepper and bright red fruit. There’s a bramble quality and my guess there’s some stem treatment. Works here. — 2 years ago

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Never had one of their reds but a big fan of their whites!!
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