Rough Justice Columbia Valley Red Blend


Very nice. Has medium finish - not soft or big, just nice. — a month ago

Château Mouton Rothschild

Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend 1986

Sweet Jesus was this firing on Thursday night! Contributed by the Iowa barrister who keeps the criminals on the street where they belong @Aaron Hamrock. It was ethereal. Sweet and exotic and just pure pure pure. Complex layers of smoky dark fruit, cedar, spice box. Rich, elegant and drinking beautifully. — 5 years ago

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@Bill Bender this am amazing line up of muting, a dream vertical, cheers
Dr. Owen Bargreen

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@Bill Bender Absolutely epic wine 🍷🔥
David L

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It was a total knockout. 30+ years in it. Thank you again @Aaron Hamrock


Baby Tui Syrah

The advanced notice on this was very positive but I wasn't prepared for how absolutely astonishing it was. I opened around 4pm Saturday and I caught a pretty heavy nose of black cherry liqueur, fox fur and game. From the nose I feared heat. I decanted about 4 hours and served with NY Waygu strip steak and twiced baked potatoes. I was immediately jarred by the depth, purity and balance of this Syrah. There was weight but she (this wine is a sexy she) was also so light on her feet. Flavors of dark chocolate, bourbon barrels and peppercorn and a marked silky mouth feel. This is a special, powerful wine with tremendous structure and a rich, long finish. It's a mythical combination of the funk and depth of a Cayuse Bionic Frog or Charles Smith Royal City and the power, texture and smooth finish of the SQN Poker Face. Such an impressive showing by winemaker @Fraser McKinley and a big thank you to the basketball barrister @Roman Sukley for staying on me and making sure I acquired some of this. I trust Roman's palette without reservation. One last note: this wine was substantially more integrated and more plush and round on day 2. I recommend opening and using the Audouze method at cellar temp followed by a lengthy decant. This will sing loud and clear if you let it explore the studio space. — 7 years ago

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Bill Bender

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@Roman Sukley is likely better with advice on opening/decanting strategies @TheSkip but the Tui just kept evolving so air gives it wings
Bob McDonald

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@TheSkip @Bill Bender the 2015 Mahe and Ribo is apparently a knockout. I have some but yet to try. Wine Scribe James Suckling put it at #4 in his Top 100 Australian Wines of 2016.
Roman Sukley

Roman Sukley

@Bill Bender @TheSkip @Bob McDonald I've tasted Mahe & Ribo at least a couple of times and believe I've posted notes here. The first time was upon release last December, and it was super tight at the time. But it's every bit as spectacular as Baby Tui. As @Bill Bender said, similar to SQN, the more air the better.


Tapteil Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Punches way way above weight. — 7 months ago

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Bacchus Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

One of the better offerings in the Barrister lineup. Across the board excellent value. — 4 years ago

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Pressing Matters

R9 Coal River Riesling 2007

Have posted previous tasting notes on this wine and vintage. Owned by Melbourne barrister Greg Melick. A couple of years ago I remember banter between @TheSkip and @Bill Bender about the name. If Bill ever becomes a winemaker he can’t take Pressing Matters as already spoken for. This was a stellar Riesling, one of the best for a while. Mid Lemon in colour with absolute clarity. Lime and Lemon flavours with plenty of acidity. Incredible intensity. A beautiful dry Riesling from the Coal River in Tasmania, cruising at 12 years with more life ahead. Traces of paraffin/kerosene on the nose. — 5 years ago

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Red Mountain Sangiovese 2017

2017. Great tannins. Peppery finish. — 2 years ago


Pepper Bridge Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Excellent Cabernet from this house - more complex than the Bacchus, structure for days. — 4 years ago

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Columbia Valley Merlot 2013

2013 merlot mmmm mmm — 6 years ago

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Kiona Estate Sangiovese 2012

Very nice one with like smoky flavors and dark fruit with them will go with a good New York strip very lightly seasoned the wine will bring out the rest of the flavor — 8 years ago