Filipa Pato

Post Quercus Tinto Baga

Cola sweet arts and sticks — 15 days ago

Joao Pato (Duckman)

'Kite Duck' Beiras Baga Maria Gomes 2020

Very interesting wine (and label) from Portugal. Tastes like an orange-rosé hybrid. Cloudy and natural. Orange peel, herbal, tart. — 9 days ago

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Drink Me Nat Cool Bairrada Vinho Tinto

Native red blend skews more beaujo bit of acid n spice in finish beau temps — 5 months ago

Casa de Saima

Tonel 10 Baga 2020

Very fresh wild herbs & just picked red fruits on the nose. Wild raspberries & currants on palate, resolutely medium to medium light bodied. Low tannins yet nicely chewy. Dig the no label/only a hanging tag aesthetic. Very enjoyable, shared with friends at local restaurant/ wine bar, which had this for under 50- always a sight to behold — 3 months ago

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Joao Pato (Duckman)

Rosa Duck Fernão Pires Baga

Wow so good! Natural sparkling rosé with lotttsss of sediment. Juicy orange character makes this very drinkable. I love how inventive Portuguese wines are lately. — 7 days ago

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Mainova Alicante Blend 2019

Fruit-forward blueberry-flavored wine, best consumed chilled. Not elegant but enjoyable. This wine went well with my black-bean burrito. This is not a wine for a fancy meal, but good with comfort food. — a month ago

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Filipa Pato

Vinho Tinto Baga

Smooth on the nose and taste. Really strong cherry notes with chocolate hints. Awesome wine. Year 2020. strong red color — a month ago

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Filipa Pato

3B Extra Bruto Baga Rosé

Has a finish like an orange wine, with an interesting bitter flavor. Really great but would say the brut is better. A lot of flavor though, would drink again — a month ago

Filipa Pato

Território Vivo Baga 2021

Nose of Blackberry and lavender with some gravel/stone and maybe some dried beef. Medium to strong tannins, bright acidity, mid to low alcohol, deep and textured flavors on the palate similar to nose, maybe also some dried currant or plum. Fruit and herbal/stone/savory balance quite well, and the lower alcohol than most structured firm reds increases its drinkability. — 3 months ago

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