Az. Agr. Ancarani

Az. Agr. Ancarani

Sânta Lusa Albana di Romagna

Tasty! Just a little bit of funk, kind of savory — 19 hours ago

Az. Agr. Farnea di Marco Buratti

L'Ombra Turbo

Ops Pizza and Wine Therapy — 2 months ago

Az. Agr. Baron Widmann (Andreas Baron Widmann)

Südtiroler Vernatsch 2013

Roasted beets, allspice, porcini, freshly-turned earth, roast squab juices. Explosively aromatic and engaging, with an ethereally fine texture and incredible freshness and length on the palate. A haunting and evocative presence here that few 12.5% alcohol modern reds can manage. The only comparisons that come to mind are old Bize Savignys. I now understand why so many experts believe Andreas Widmann to be Italy’s greatest grape grower. — 6 months ago

Az. Agr. Ancarani

Centesimino Savignôn Rosso

Medium bodied, fruity, easy drinking Italian wine — 22 days ago

Az. Agr. Farnea di Marco Buratti

Birbo Veneto Bianco White Blend 2018

Lemon juice with a lot of passion fruit — 2 months ago

Az. Agr. Farnea di Marco Buratti

Emma Moscato 2018

Had the 2018 vintage. Tasted like a bouquet of flowers in a vase filled with apricots. Delish. — 3 months ago

Az. Agr. Stefano Legnani

Legnani Stefano Bamboo Road 2017

Broad nose, soft, unfiltered and some subtle salinity. Autumn apples, juicy. Some dude on here wrote banana runts and I could definitely see that. Dried pineapple and chamomile as it opens up. — 16 days ago

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Andreas Huber - Az. Agr. Pacherhof


Lovely citrusy lemons limes fresh bright grassy lemongrass butterscotch lychee nut and some minerality.

Kind of like Riesling and Pinot Blanc and Ugni Blanc mash up.

Great for appetizers

— 2 months ago

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Az. Agr. Ancarani

Romagna Sangiovese Oriolo

Got to let this one breathe for a while. — 3 months ago