Avi Feldstein

Avi Feldstein

Dry Grenache Rosé 2018

bought a threesome of feldstein's wines.
second time for me.
last year it was different whites. this time it's differant vintages sauvignon blanc and a rose.

100% grenache dry rose

picked early to save the natural acidity.

12.5% ABV

peach transparent 👀

lemon, apricot, flowers and grass 👃

light body.
high acidity.

bursting citrus tartness with apricot and hints of red 🍒 👄

light 🎯

thin and light yet not simple.
super drinkable (bottle downed easily with breakfast)
a perfect easy meal companion.

great vfm (90 nis as part of a threesome)

very gastronomic. worked well with guacamole, home made labanhe cheese, spinach pie and assorted vegetables.
— 2 years ago

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Avi Feldstein

Shalem Dry White Blend 2016

another medium-small Israeli winery founded by a guy who was the winemaker of one of israel's biggest 'wine company'.

not kosher and not really mainstream. left to his own devices feldstein likes to play it unsafe. a critic's winery, naturally.

viognier, Roussanne, sauvingion blanc and dabiki(indieginous grape).

the blend spent 10 months in used bourgogne barrels.

complex citrus zip and stone fruit with viogneier biterness all along.

no thorough tasting as it was drank nicely by my family @ a rich dairy based holiday meal.

papa who's not a wine guy said: this one is excellent!

great vfm (90 nis each for 3 different feldstein whites)

looking forward to the next wine...
— 3 years ago

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Absentee Winery (Avi Deixler)

“Western Art” Petite Sirah

This wine has the most incredibly unexpected flavor, and I absolutely love it. It smells like a typical California jam hands cab, not my fav, expecting the worst. Then it hits your mouth like a Loire gamay and it’s SO GOOD. Complicated, interesting, so so unexpected, right up til the moment you taste it. — 2 years ago

Avi Feldstein

Dry Semillon 2015

second feldstein bottle from a threesome.

100% semillon

fermented in bourgogne marsena barrels (old and new).
malolactic fermentation was stopped.
the wine was oaked for a year.

13.5% ABV

gorgeous transparent light green 👀

mostly grapefruit, pear and hints of fireworks👃

medium plus body.
high acidity.

grapefruit, some lemon oil and tropical hints 👄

light pleasant medium minus spikey 🎯

yes please. complex, balanced and so fulfilling.

excelent vfm (90 nis as part of threesome).

paired lovely with another dairy based holiday meal. blue 🧀, matured cheese, assorted quiches, tuna salad, baked salmon and all the rest, it fills the gaps.

looking forward for the last bottle.
— 3 years ago

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Livia Fontana

Barolo Nebbiolo 2008

Such a thoughtful gift from Avi Dorfman — 5 years ago

Avi Feldstein

Dry White Sauvignon Blanc 2017

second bottle from a feldstein threesome.
last year i had 2016 vintage, and now it's 2017.

2016 was probably the best sauv blanc i ever had. this comes pretty close but i reckon it lacks.

upper Galilee sauv blanc with a touch of semion (winemaker's description)

fermented with three types of yeast in burgundy barrels and stayed there for a year.

13.2% ABV

transparent greenish 👀

citrus buffet (mostly grapefruit), grass, and some flowers right out of the fridge. as it got warmer hints of apricot and peach with a memory of tropics joined the 👃

full body.
medium + acidity.

bitterness first that moves away fast to make place for the juicy citrusy buffet with a coming and going background of minerals, stone fruit and memories of tropical fruits served on a far away 🏖️ 👄

long and pleasent 🎯

this is a full body wine that's so quiet, modest and elegant. superb.

i think avi feldstein creates magic.

i have a 2015 vintage bottle of the same wine, looking forward to that.

excellent vfm (90 nis as part of a threesome).

worked wonderful with home made pizza with mushrooms, onion, feta style cheese and olives.
was terrific the next day with soviet style buckwheat with tahini and mentioned feta the next day.

great on it's own as well
— 2 years ago

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Avi Feldstein

Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2016

@delectable this is sauvignon only officially (90 percent so it doesnt count as a blend even with that semmilon bit)

no real conditions for a tasting but this is so lovely i have to try describing it.

90% sauvignon blanc
10% semmilion

three types of yeast were added to fermentation.
one year burgundy barrels ageing.

13.3% abv

medium plus body.
high acidity.

mind and senses blowing sauvignon blanc.

melon, grass and bell pepper 👃

bitterness first with added citrus peel and some tropics 👄

light 🎯

complex and balanced lingering pleasure.

this is superb.

3rd white from feldstein and it keeps getting better.

super vfm (for 90 nis as part of a threesome. regular price is 125 nis and still worth it)

paired well with zaatar and 🍅 spicy salad and homemade hummus and pita bread.

my highest score wine in delectable.
— 3 years ago

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Sine (aut fere)

Dosaggio Zero Chardonnay

Sine [aut fere] Cardonnay Dosaggio Zero - Baldessari AVI Wine -Povo di Trento — 5 years ago