Archery Summit

Archery Summit

Looney Vineyard Pinot Noir 2012

Shay A

Not rich, not herbal, but a nice blend of the two aromatically. Tar, ripe black cherries, red plum, herbal twang and just a kiss of smoked game. Lively and acidic on the palate, even at 7yrs of age. Gained darker and more dense fruits as it opened, with added iron, tart red fruits and an herbal spice driven finish. Hardly any signs of age here, so no worries on holding. Still picking up some heat, so I’d imagine this has another 2-3yrs before it’s integrated at its peak! Still gaining steam! Impressive. Thank you for introducing me to this winery, @David L ! I need to seek out more OR Pinots! — 9 days ago

Dan Fitzgerald
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Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A : never had this producer. Sounds great..
Shay A

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@Bryan Kesting : Give then a try. Definitely not as herbal or savory as Antica Terra, but also not a dense Cali Pinot. A nice blend of the two.


Summit Ridge White Zinfandel 2017

It's a rosé Zinfandel but is almost as sweet as a dessert wine — 22 days ago

Sine Qua Non

Piranha Waterdance Syrah

This was stunning today; Elixir-esq concentration sporting deep bass notes, a plethora of vital high tones, some carbon, a little graphite and impeccable purity. It would have likely tasted delicious anywhere but to share it with the Krankl family and perfect gentleman turned SQN chevalier @Roman Sukley was an honour and a privilege. It was part of a diamond day and the summit of a 17 year pilgrimage that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Thank you kindly Roman, Manfred, Elaine & August - 2014 — a month ago

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Fraser McKinley

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Thanks @Bob McDonald - the trip has been incredible and we make our way through the Sta. Rita Hills up towards Napa to see some old friends today.
Roman Sukley

Roman Sukley

Birds of a feather @Fraser McKinley That 17 Grenache is destined for the SQN Hall of Fame, and the Graciano was a stand-out for me as well. Enjoy the rest of your trip and talk soon.
Robert Rothfield

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Wow.....two of my favorite winemakers!!! Must have been spellbinding...

Archery Summit

Archer's Edge Estates Pinot Noir 2011

A truly great Oregon Pinot! Very smooth medium bodied wine with low tannins and just a little earth. No alcohol bite- flavors of black plum and tabacco. The 2011 cellared really well. — 14 days ago

Peggy Cohen
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Archery Summit

Willamette Valley Rosé of Pinot Noir 2016

Strawberry and papaya forward w some cranberries. Then a citrus wash of pineapple and limes. — a month ago

Heather Dillaway
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@Jason Brater Jason Good post and pic Cheers 🍷

Archery Summit

Renegade Ridge Estate Pinot Noir 2016

On the nose touches of violet and lavender. Juicy blue fruit notes of Mulberry, blueberry and black raspberry lead into secondary flavors of tea leaf, fresh forest floor, and mineral. — 8 months ago

Archery Summit

Premier Cuvée Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2015

Elegant Pinot with tart cherries and vanilla. Spicy with a great aroma. — 9 days ago

Archery Summit

Archery Summit Estate Pinot Noir 2015

Happy 24th Anniversary to us! — a month ago


Rosé Pinot Noir 2017

Wow. Delicious, deep flavored rose. It light at all—drinks like a red wine w multiple layers of flavor. This is the style of rose’ I like. Similar to the archery summit, maybe a bit more depth. — a month ago

Gail BraterMichelle BraterKim Brater
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Archery Summit

Arcus Estate Oregon Pinot Noir 1999

20 years on...Its time. — 3 months ago

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