Alvaro Palacios

Alvaro Palacios

Les Terrasses Priorat Grenache Blend 2021

Timothy Eustis

Brooding and dark is right. Fresh acidity too. Quite complete. 2021 — 3 months ago

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Palacios Remondo

La Vendimia Rioja Tempranillo Blend 2020

Bold & tannic. Dark fruit: plum; vanilla, tobacco, leather. — 6 months ago

Bodegas Rafael Palacios

Louro do Bolo Valdeorras Godello 2022

Phenomenal winemaking on display here by any measure, let alone at the price point. Crisp and stony, seashell and sea spray, citrus and underripe stone fruit, edging into tropical tones with structural grip and creamy lees tying it all together. Godly godello — 2 months ago

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Alvaro Palacios

Finca Dofí Priorat Garnacha Blend 2015

Tasted blind & I whiffed on all my guesses- because I had forgotten lithe, elegant, Burgundy like sappiness CAN come from Priorat, & especially this producer, Palacios. I adore their cheaper bottlings too, for very much the same reasons. With air it’s rose petals & ripe cherries for days on the nose, & a perfectly balanced palate of ripe dark cherries, but also some gaminess which made me think Northern Rhone at first. A real treat, especially for Spanish nay-sayers — 3 months ago

Owen Mazon
with Owen
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Owen Mazon

Owen Mazon

Elegant and focused with ripe cherries and rose petals.

Alvaro Palacios

Quiñon de Valmira Sierra de Verga Alfaro Rioja Red Blend 2018

This one has a very intriguing aromatic profile. Rhubarb, Incense, cherries, dried strawberries. It is a very light and delicate style of Garnacha. Almost Nebbiolo like without almost any tannin. Interesting stuff. Only around 4000 bottles filled. — 6 months ago

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Descendientes de José Palacios

Pétalos Bierzo Mencía

Mediocre and flabby on opening but now 5 day later way more balanced and refined. ‘Spanish Pinot’ with mocha chocolate and candied cherries. — 10 hours ago

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Bodegas Rafael Palacios

As Sortes Val do Bibei Valdeorras Godello 2019

My opinion, Best Spanish producer of whites right now. Beautiful balance and finish. — 2 months ago

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Alvaro Palacios

Gratallops Priorat Grenache Blend 2021

Much more minerality than other Priorat I've had. Not sure what others on here are drinking, but I don't see this as fruit forward as they did. That said, hiding behind the llicorella you do get cherry vanilla, cocoa, and coconut--all classic Priorat flavors--with tinges of black pepper. Finish is a little weak for this price range, but I still enjoyed this very much. — 3 months ago

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