Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash Brewing Company

Little Sal Sour Ale with Blueberries 2018

I know some frown upon posting beer on Delectable (@Sam Shepard), so it is with some trepidation that I post my first brewski #onhere. This is delightful. Sour blueberry with a namesake of a classic kids’ book (Blueberries for Sal). Extremely well balanced in all respects. Can tell it’s barrel aged in a good way— it’s mellow and subtle. — 21 days ago

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Allagash Brewing Company

Brett IPA

Greg Ballington

Cloudy orange hues with a decent head and liveliness. Lovely aromas on the nose with hops, citrus, and tropical fruits. Full bodied with a good amount of hops, not over the top. Some floral notes and citrus on the palate. Long finish. — 3 years ago

India Okoh
with India
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Not much else from Maine here!!!

Allagash Brewing Company

St. Klippenstein Style Stout

Bryce Bannatyne

Chocolate motor oil with hints of clove and nutmeg. Yum — 4 years ago

Allagash Brewing Company

Merveilleux Ale Aged in Oak Barrels

2013 bottle. Intense green apple, hay, balsamic vinegar, still super tart. This is absolutely fantastic. I’m stunned. — 3 years ago

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Allagash Brewing Company

Applecrest Farm Farm to Face Ale brewed with Peaches

Bright and peachy, just like smiley Jeff — 3 years ago

Jeffrey Long
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Allagash Brewing Company

James and Julie Sour Brown Ale

Not a huge fan of brown ales, but this is pretty good! — a year ago

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Paul T- Huntington Beach

Paul T- Huntington Beach

Not a fan of sours, but I’m good with brown

Allagash Brewing Company

Tripel Belgian-Style Golden Ale

A heavier, stronger version of the classic, refreshing, crisp allagash flavor — 3 years ago

Port City Brewing Company

Optimal Wit Belgian Style Spiced White Ale

A. R.

Along with Allagash Wit, amongst the best US Belgian-style wit beers. Great summer beer, very orangey with a bit of funk. Not sure the puppy agrees. — 4 years ago

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