Dirty & Rowdy

Alder Spring Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Real diff and playful Cab. Less tannic more fruit forward for sure. Drinks like a mouvedre and Bordeaux hybrid. Also not a bad backdrop: the Stifler’s Mom scene from American Pie in the background — 16 hours ago


The Knob Alder Springs Vineyard Syrah 2006


CVed 2/10/18 comp of Pax Donelan Syrah. Interestingly the nose more earthy and spicy than the Donelan and Reyaud, with prominent dark fruits. palate is full and richly textured and firm. Long finish. Nice wine. — a month ago

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Behrens & Hitchcock

Alder Springs Ranch Merlot 2003

David T

My last bottle of 03 Alder Springs. I still have one bottle of the 02 Fortuna (better). Bottles from the earlier days of Behrens & Hitchcock. They’ve gone from B&H to Erna Schein to Behrens Family Winery. Back in the day when we first acquired these wines, we had to open them the night before, decent and put them back in the bottle overnight and re-decant the next evening in order to drink them as they were monsters with huge alcohol. 13 bottle years later, it’s more complex, rounder but still a big wine. While the alcohol has tamed some, it’s still hot...just not unbearably hot. This wine still has a ton of life in it. The nose still shows alcohol and is starting to take on a dark fruit liqueur/Port style. Blackberries, dark cherries, raisins, prunes, dates & blue fruits. Anise, black cherry licorice, a little eucalyptus/mint, dark chocolate, black tea, layers of baking spices, dark, sweet, rich, turned earth and fresh, dry crushed rocks and decayed dark florals. The body is full, round, lavish and lush. The palate also shows a dark fruit liqueur/Port character. Ripe, blackberries, dark cherries, black raspberries, stewed plums, raisins, prunes, dates, blue fruits, anise, black cherry licorice, a little eucalyptus/mint, dry sage, medium, dark intensity spice that heats up as it rises off the palate, dark chocolate, black tea, layers of baking spices, chocolate pudding, well used leather, cedar, dark, sweet, rich, turned earth and fresh, dry crushed rocks, decayed dark florals and fading violets. The acidity is nicely rounded, the length, tension, structure may outlive some people 55+. The finish is; big, round, well balanced but just a little hot. After a couple hours in the decanter, it really rounded out and the alcohol decreased quite a bit. Photos top to bottom and left to right; the latest incarnation of the winery, workers in the Alder Springs Vineyard, Owner/Winemaker Les Behrens and their tasting room; which is actually a restored 1947 Westcraft trailer. A quote on Les’s philosophy on winemaking, “We let the vineyards steal the show and the wine speak for itself.” They are also well know for some of the coolest wine labels. One of my favorites was, “The Heavyweight.” — 2 months ago

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Edmond Bordelon

Edmond Bordelon

@David T Nice write up. Having recently spent more time with Robin at Behrens last month, I learned so much more about Les and his refreshing philosophy on wine. Never know what you are going to get year to year, but you know it will be amazing. My latest favorite is Clearing the Way. And by your recommendation, I will set aside the others for several years.
David T

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@Edmond Bordelon Agree and thank you for your note. Cheers! 🍷

Patz & Hall

Alder Springs Vineyard Pinot Noir 2014

Raisin cobbler. Super interesting. — 13 days ago

City Winery

Reserve Pinot Noir Alder S 2014

Delicious and robust with hints of black cherry — 2 months ago

Eugene henderson
with Eugene

Zanzibar Cellars

Alder Creek Vineyard Sandra Cabernet Syrah

Aging gracefully and drinking well. — 2 months ago

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Kale Wines

Alder Springs Vineyard Syrah

Super funky with mushrooms, rust, ink, pepper, raw bacon, mulberries, and blood. Pax still makes my favorite Alder Springs but this is pretty awesome. Lots of time left. — a month ago

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Greg Ballington

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Love kale wines!

Dirty & Rowdy & Cruse

Alder Springs Furmint

Lots of pineapple fruit. — 2 months ago

Behrens & Hitchcock

Alder Springs Vineyard Homage to Ed Oliveira Syrah 2002

Now that’s more like it. Nice complex Syrah from the Alder Springs Vineyard. Wildflowers, plums, camphor, leather, tar, and charcoal. 👍 — 2 months ago

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