Raicilla Agave Maximiliana

Raicilla- the dirty single distilled cousin of Mezcal. Huge jalapeño notes, and bell pepper. Taste it - if you can find it ! — 7 days ago

Roca Patron

Añejo Tequila de Agave

Nice and smooth, with enough sizzle on the tongue and throat to provide character. — 2 days ago

Don Julio

70 Tequila Añejo

Also a very good and very smooth Anejo. Delicious. — 18 days ago

El Jolgorio

Pechuga Mezcal 2016

Great fruit and smoked meat with a light spicy finish. Special Edition 07. Bottle 102/1100. 10 year Espadin Nom 098X. Jose Cortez Santiago. — a month ago

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Don Julio

Tequila Blanco

Very good. Even better because I am in Cancun doing a tequila tasting:-) — 18 days ago

Gran Centenario

Añejo 100% Agave Tequila

Very good and widely available Anejo. Got this one at Costco for around $25. — 4 days ago

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Dos Artes

Reserva Especial Extra Añejo Tequila

I can’t really rate this as this is vanilla. Did I say vanilla? If you understand buttery Chardonnay, think that, then translate to vanilla anejo Tequila. I mean it’s smooth but you gotta love love some vanilla. — a month ago

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