Adega Cooperativa De Palmela

Serra Mae

Sivipa Reserva Palmela Red Blend 2014

香氣不突出,但喝下後有些嗆辣的胡椒辛香料感,緊接著是濃郁的黑梨漿果香氣,尾韻帶乾草回甘的感覺,好好喝❤️🍷 — 10 days ago

Casa Ermelinda Freitas

Terras do Pó Reserva Palmela Red Blend 2017

Best wine I’ve had in 4 months down here and just Euro 2:19
Will be taking it home
— a month ago

Adega Cooperativa de Redondo

Reserva Alentejo Syrah Blend 2014

Robust. Great with a tomato sauce with olives. Would work with quite spicy food. — 2 months ago

Casa Ermelinda Freitas

Dona Ermelinda Palmela Castelão Blend

An earthy nose and upon later smells banana?, immediately effervescent on the palate with a carmely and toasted marshmallow palate. Don't think I've ever had a wine like this before. Low acid. Mild if any tannins. So interesting. — 3 months ago

Cantina Sociale Cooperativa

Copertino Riserva Negroamaro

Snagged this one after the wine buyer at my local shop said it had an odd “barnyard funk.” And it does, in the best way. I was excited by the herbaceous nose, and very happy with the wet clay and wood taste. There’s a complexity with slight yeast notes, and a nice balance of medium tannins. I drank it on the third day after opening and loved the additional prune and dried fruit notes that I got. I imagine this would age well. — 7 days ago

Cantina Sociale Cooperativa

Riserva Copertino Negroamaro 2009

man,this wine. Funk for days, pleasant tartness, nutty, silky, yumtown. Yeah I rated it twice. Don't @ me (ok you can @ me, jk) — 3 days ago

Adega Cooperativa de Redondo

Reserva Porta da Ravessa 2015

Very good, smooth, easy drinking. Great price point at $14 — a month ago

Adega Cooperativa de Portalegre

Reserva Conventual Red Blend 2015

Black fruits, glove, spicy, raspberry, med acidity, med tannins. Color is not intense. — 2 months ago