Venica & Venica

Venica & Venica

Pètris Collio Malvasia

Got a soft spot for all of the Venica whites. Happy wines — a month ago

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Venica & Venica

Ronco del Cerò Collio Sauvignon

Grapefruit, honey, minerals - really gorgeous Sauvignon blanc from my favorite italian wine region. Enough skin contact to make it interesting, not enough to make it ~trendy~ — 9 months ago

with Adriana
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Venica & Venica

Rocco delle Cime Collio Friulano

Timothy Eustis

Beautiful. Flowery. — 4 years ago

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Venica & Venica

Jesera Collio Pinot Grigio 2019

Astringent, brothy, bruised stone fruit, metal, very cool. Great color. — 2 months ago

Venica & Venica

Perilla Collio Merlot 2016

Gorgeous. Smells like savory herbs, like rosemary, and seasoned meat. Taste and texture is soft and smooth and velvety with mild tannins. The bottle said to enjoy it with beef or aged cheese. The only aged cheese I have is Parmesan and I have to say it goes pretty well. #merlotthursday — 3 years ago

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Venica & Venica

Ronco delle Mele Collio Sauvignon


Quite a nice white at momotaro. Slight hint of apples. Almost the end of indoor dining — 8 months ago

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Venica & Venica

Ronco del Cerò Collio Sauvignon Blanc

Great natural acidity, balanced minerality, slight salinity. (Some petrol notes) Hints of peach and tropical fruits — 3 years ago

Venica & Venica

Collio Pinot Grigio

Scott Barber

Great producers better known for Sauvignon. Almost pink from skin contact. A touch of RS and lush route fruit had me in Oregon. Cleanly made and tasty. Definitely not typical Pinot Grigio. — 3 years ago

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Venica & Venica

Tàlis Collio Pinot Bianco

Lee' contact a little reductive but nice apple — 4 years ago

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