Utiel Requena, Valencia

Vera De Estenas

Utiel-Requena Bobal 2020

Great balanced berry fruit, kept coming back for more! — 2 months ago

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Rafa Lopez

Vino Sexto Elemento Bobal

Forgot how much I loved this deep, inky purple wine. It’s rich, velvety - enjoy it with food, but a great red to slowly sip and savor. Worth the treat. — 8 months ago

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Isaac Fernandez Seleccion

Bovale Bobal Rosé 2018

Really lovely fruit — peach, tangerine skin and cherries, and melon — with dried herbs on the finish. Really great with tikka masala.
— a year ago

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Bodegas Hispano-Suizas

Bobos Finca Casa La Borracha Bobal

Equilibrat, amb tocs d'espècies i fruita vermella. Molt recomanable!!! — 4 months ago

Marqués de Colbert

Reserva Utiel-Requena Tempranillo Blend 2016

Enjoyed this! Notes of raisin give way to a softer plum. Slight sweetness but not too much. Nicely tannic. Can’t beat the price! — 10 months ago

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Bodegas Arráez

Vividor Utiel - Requena Bobal

My first time trying a Bobal wine! Pretty full taste for $15. Lots of plumb. Decent amount of tanin. I wish I let it breathe some more before trying. Would definitely drink again though! — 4 years ago


Vendimia Seleccionada J. Navascues La Pinada Bobal 2017

Andrew Holod

Initially seemingly glossy and polished with plenty of blue/black fruit. However with air it shows a length of fine grained tannin behind the abundant fruit, great bike structure waiting for the baby fat to burn off. The nose blooms with pyrazine-like crushed English ivy, orange zest, currant fruit and leaf l. On the palate it begins to show a spine of acidity that leads to impressions of pomegranate and plum, ripe fruit followed by bracing acid. — 6 months ago

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Reserva Utiel-Requena Tempranillo Bobal 2013

The wine has a sweet tast and is very good to drink with meat. — 2 years ago