Tokyo, Japan

Umenoyado Brewery

Suzu 2020

Fresh, crisp, and moreish. Missus was certainly smitten. Up there with her favourite yuzushu from Heiwa Shuzo. — 2 months ago

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Nihon-Izumi Brewery Co

Nobunaga Junmai Ginjo

Good nama! Dry, viscous, a little woody in flavor. But from Kuraichi at Industry City. — a day ago

Nikka Whisky Distilling Company

Coffey Grain Whisky

Still, still, still one of my very favorite whiskys!!! — 2 days ago

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Nippon Craft Beer Co

Kagua Blanc Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Ron R

Always enjoyable. Prior notes apply. — 2 months ago

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Eau du Désir Yamada Nishiki Junmai Ginjo Sake 2019

I'm always so impressed with the sake scene in Malaysia. This is a bottle that I'd be hard-pressed to find listed in any Australian restaurant, and if any at all, none for a fair price I bet. Clearly great things are happening behind the scenes here with Kuheiji's Eau Du Désir popping up on the shelves of my local grocery (I don't exactly live in the epicenter of Malaysia).

Straight out of the bottle, you get the impression that Kuheiji has bottled a fresh unadulterated ferment. That tingly sensation of CO2 on the nose, before it gets hit by ester-heavy ferment aromas, with the light spritz on the palate, and zestiness in the finish - gosh, it really feels like a ferment. It's just so fresh and lively, as it should be with each vintage of the Eau Du Désir. Air brings more clarity to the flavors of juicy melons, apples, and interestingly, guava. There's a sweet almost malty-core here, which is balanced out by the crisp slightly-bitter finish. So easy to drink!
— a month ago

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Classic Umeshu Liqueur

This plum wine is so sweet and fruity, bursting with plum flavor. It’s almost mead like. A lovely dessert wine. — 9 days ago

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3 Years Snow Aged Junmai Ginjo Sake

It’s a safe bet but also a favorite — 2 days ago

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Ise Kadoya

Neko Nihiki New England IPA

Neko Nihiki. Two cats! Nyao nyao!! Delicious 🐈🐈 — 4 days ago

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Hitomi Winery

DELAOlé Delaware 2020

ヒトミワイナリー デラオレンジ
— 5 days ago


Snow Maiden Junmai Nigori

Easy drinking, smooth and creamy. I don’t usually drink Saki but I could easily sip this any evening. — 9 days ago