The Prisoner

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Napa Valley Zinfandel Blend 2019

Finally bit the bullet on this and decided to splurge. This is a big, bold wine that would pair so beautifully with some meat. It's got a lot of cocoa and chocolate notes alongside some dark fruit. It's complex and also showcases some leather and some oak. It's balanced, it's not too sweet and shows lots of tannins. — 20 days ago

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Unshackled Red Blend

Found an amazing deal at Crest.$2.99 a bottle! — 3 months ago

The Prisoner Wine Company

Blindfold California Chardonnay Blend 2017

Ming L

The 17’ seems to have high percentage of Chard (I believe it’s normally around 30-35%) than the previous vintages I tasted. Stone fruits dominants the fruit profile and it feels more buttery, though aromatics and texture still shows some characters of the Rhone varieties. Quite nice still. — 3 months ago

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Saldo California Zinfandel

The desiccated pruniness of this voluptuous Zinfandel could turn a retirement home into a college dorm. Take a genial sip and you will instantly cure your erectile dysfunction, even if you identify as a woman, you’re a man tonight — 6 hours ago

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Thorn Napa Valley Merlot 2013

We found one we haven’t had.... in that vintage year, to clarify.
So now.... Matt Warren.... we need to talk business.
— a month ago

Neal Ferry
with Neal
Neal Ferry

Neal Ferry

Amazing... I hate that word but amazing

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Sonoma County Red Blend

Great wine have gotten 1 recently that was not good but the next bottle was fine! Close to Prisoner — 3 months ago

The Prisoner Wine Company

Unshackled Cabernet Sauvignon

Not as big as the original Prisoner, but great for the price point—can buy 2 bottles! Takes some time to open, but once it does, it’s smooth with tobacco and spice flavors, and a full finish. — 6 days ago

The Prisoner Wine Company

The Prisoner Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

A personal favorite that I enjoy gifting to and sharing with friends. — 2 months ago

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The Prisoner Napa Valley Zinfandel Blend 2002

Tried six 2002 reds, all with Cabernet in the blend. Ha everyone loved this. You can still buy it for $100 apparently! — 2 months ago

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Jay Eagan

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Nice lineup for a Friday night - hopefully you’re not doing anything but maybe playing golf tomorrow.
Eric Urbani

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@Jay Eagan Lol was from last night on top of our nine Cab lineup of 1996s!