Shelburne Vineyard

Shelburne Vineyard

Iapetus Metamorphic Series White Blend

Joe Carroll

Wild skin contact white aged for 18 months in untopped barrels. — 3 days ago

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Shelburne Vineyard

Reserve Marquette 2015

I have rated Shelburne’s Marquette Reserve over and over, but here I am again. I love this grape so much, and I suppose a major blizzard is as much a special occasion as anything. Today I am getting very strong clove, a little cinnamon, and a whole lotta “what are you gonna do, fire me?” attitude. Realistically, the roads are impassable, 99.9% of Boston has decided work is not worth an early death, and winter wines refuse to die. — 4 years ago

Shelburne Vineyard

Lake View White Cayuga Blend

Lake View White - Semi-Dry - 2014 - From a great friend and coonoisseur
Limpid to the eye, attractive aroma, light body, refreshing taste with just the right amount of sweetness in the fruit and a pleasant finish. Leaves you wanting more.
— 7 years ago

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Shelburne Vineyard

Harvest Widow's Revenge Red Blend 2019

Tim B

This is the best vintage for Harvest Widow's yet! — 2 years ago

Shelburne Vineyard

Cayuga White

Delicious crisp with a hint of sweetness — 4 years ago

Colin Doyle
with Colin

Urbanite Cellars

California Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Great smooth deep flavored wine served at Shelburne Farms — 6 years ago

Shelburne Vineyard

Whimsey Meadow Rosé 2010

Would make a delicious sangria, add some fruit and be done — 4 years ago

Colin Doyle
with Colin

Réthoré Davy

Le Chapitre Val de Loire Pinot Gris

Light solid - great with pasta served at Shelburne Farms — 6 years ago