Savonesi, Savona

Punta Crena

Vigneto Reiné Colline Savonesi Mataòssu 2019

Citrus (lime), minerals (lime) —a perfect seafood wine. It’s both crisp and rounded. Want more. — 4 months ago

Alessandro Rivetto

Barbaresco Nebbiolo

Nice Barbaresco in Piazza Savona — 3 years ago

Punta Crena

Cruvin Colline Savonesi Crovino 2018

My 4 yo said fruit punch, flowers, cherries on the nose. Since I tasted all those things and apple, I thought he was right on! A bit of earth and maybe pepper.

Better the second day by far. Had strong notes the first night. Corked and cellared.
— 9 months ago

Punta Crena

Vino Spumante Brut Varigotti Mataossu 2013

Only vineyard in the world growing this grape. 80 year old wines. Champagne method. It's like drinking blossoms from the sea. — 5 years ago

Anthony Lynch
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Punta Crena

Pettirosso Allegro Rosé Blend 2013

Savory and just pure delicious. — 6 years ago

Terrazze Singhie

Lumassina di Bosco 2018

What a discovery, beautiful natural wine, artisanal and very delicate. Very floral to the nose, in the mouth it shows all the salinity of its marvellous land. — 10 months ago

Punta Crena

Colline Savonesi IGT Barbarossa

Ligurian rose magic. Dry yet juicy, light yet creamy. We had it with sushi but have it with whatever, you'll be happy. — 5 years ago

Jessica Emmons
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Pulin Colline Savonesi IGT Red Blend

2010 vintage
В аромате мороженая рябина, малина, средиземноморская зелень. Во вкусе вступают спелая вишня, вишневая же косточка, красная смородина, клюква, можжевельник. Хорошая структура при относительно легком теле. Освежает, пьется легко и естественно. В развитии под ягодами выступает легкая каменная минеральность. Не потрясает до глубины души, но сложно остановиться.
— 6 years ago

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