Salina, Messina


Salina Bianco Secco Malvasia 2020

Grass, slate. Nice light white. — 20 hours ago

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Planeta Winery

Mamertino Nero d'Avola Nocera 2016

Really nice representation of Sicilian wine. Reminiscent of Shiraz with fruity clean notes of raspberry and blackberry and low acidity. — 15 days ago

Messina Hof

Abounding Dry Red

Smooth, needs time to breathe. Enjoy now or hold for 5-10 years. — 5 months ago

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Cantine Colosi

Salina Bianco Catarratto Inzolia

Fresh and aromatic-perfect with the seafood here — 23 days ago

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Terre Siciliane Rosato 2020

3rd CSW summer QPR bottle, really well made rosato, nice cut to the fruit, agile in the mouth. Very good. — a month ago

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Cantine Colosi

Malvasia delle Lipari Passito di Salina 2009

Cantine Colosi Malvasia Delle Lipari Passito Di Salina 2009: Grown on the island of Salina, off the coast of Sicily (part of the volcanic Aeolian Islands or Isole Eolie), this wine presents a milder sweetness than I am used to. Strong honey aromas dominate the nose however the warm orange & nectar flavors soothe the palate and bring a familiar smile to my face. Mild hints of apricot & fig appear on other sips as I finish the glass and tasting experience. Overall, a good dessert wine to end any evening. Have a great week! Cheers🍷 — 7 months ago

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Salina Vina da Tavola Bianco Malvasia 2015

A great savory Malvasia bianco secco from the Aeolian Island of Salina, off the coast of Sicily. It’s aromatic, floral, & salty-dry. Lots of minerals. Great acidity. Remarkable texture. Cheers🍷 — a month ago

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Faro Nerello Blend 2017

Delectable Wine

The 2017 Faro is spicy and perfumed, the violet and rose tones giving way to peppery herbs, earthy minerals and musky black cherry. Its fleshy and enveloping textures are well balanced by zesty acids, as waves of tart wild berries and sour citrus wash across the palate, leaving a tactile mix of minerals and grippy tannins in their wake. This tapers off lightly structured and with a pretty inner sweetness, resonating on a vivid note of salted black licorice. The 2017 could use a few more months to a year to come fully into focus. Bonavita’s Faro is a blend of Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio and Nocera that is refined for 24 months in a combination of 30-hectoliter oak barrels, cement and steel. In a word, spellbinding. (Eric Guido, Vinous, June 2021)
— 2 months ago


Infatata Malvasia Secca di Tricoli 2019

Not hugely complex but very enjoyable if you like dry aromatic whites. — 4 months ago