Rudolf Fürst

Weingut Fürst

Mosel Trocken Elbling 2020

So light. Mild effervescence making it seem lighter still. Citrus. Mineralogy. Good acid. Just great. — 12 days ago

Rudolf Fürst

Centgrafenberg Spätburgunder 2008

Corked was completely soaked, mold covering the bottle top and capsule underside. When opened I thought it was a goner, rank and dead. 30min later thought it came around and sprung to life. Dusty red cherry, wet leaves, turned earth, black tea, sandalwood, beetroot, flowers. — 5 months ago

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Rudolf Fürst

Schlossberg GG Spätburgunder 2012

Off the chain. Beautiful nose, ballanced acid, earthy cherry, smooth throughout. No rapid oxidation. — 8 months ago

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Rita & Rudolf Trossen

Schieferblume Riesling 2011

Wow, clean, crisp and delicious. — 20 days ago

Rudolf Fürst

Pur Mineral Riesling 2017

2021/4. Crisp, bracing, mineral, tangy - lovely dry Riesling. — 4 months ago

Rita & Rudolf Trossen

Kestenbüsch Purus Trocken Riesling 2017

handcraft high class Mosel-Riesling from 2.5 hectares winery, working biodynamically since 1978!! Steep slate terraces Terrain, processed gently and left on the yeast for a long time. Continously Changing and inspiring by every sip! Well balanced, revealing charakter.
Saibling- Walnussholz - grüner Wacholder - Eberesche / fermentierter Rotkohl - Buchweizen
— 6 months ago

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Fürst Von Metternich

Schloss Johannisberg Gelback Feinheirb Riesling 2015

Sweet green apple/pear, lime, jasmine, almost lychee aroma. Some caramelized notes. Brought back from Germany. Opened a tad early, could easily age well. — 8 months ago

Rudolf Fürst

Centgrafenberg Großes Gewächs Spätburgunder 2011

Pop and pour, notes from 2 hrs open. Lovely Furst nose of dried leaves, black pepper, wild strawberry and pomegranate. On the palate: fantastic acidity and such lovely weight and density (elegant and more lightly styled). Black pepper, soft coconut and wild strawberry. Wispy tannin on the finish. Was looking for a Hundsruck, but found this first...last btl of this, which is a little sad, but this is drinking so well right now. — 2 months ago

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Rudolf Fürst

Hundsrück Großes Gewächs Spätburgunder 2013

Wow, an absolutely glorious btl of wine. On the.nose: soft cola, blueberry, wild strawberry, a hint of young coconut, fantastic spice, freshly cut savory herbs...stunning nose. On the palate: fantastic acidity, crushed herbs, wild strawberry, crushed seeds, spice...soft tannin on the fantastically elegant finish. Young, but so much complexity and elegance. Unbelievably good. — 5 months ago

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Aravind A

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@Lyle Fass good, bc the price went insane in 15/16, lol
Aravind A

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@Peter C you know it! I told Kiran I have a mag for when he is of age, and he said: when I turn 21?
Lyle Fass

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@Aravind A give Kiran a case of 13! Cmon Dad!!

Rudolf May

Langenberg Silvaner 2018

Nase: Kräuter, sponti Aromen, Würze Gaumen: leicht, spritzig( Säure gut eingebunden), Alkohol 13,5% jedoch mit guter Balance, trocken, mittlere Bitterton (Appetit anregend) - Nachhall Mittel, Säure hält die Spannung und sorgt für einen angenehmen Trinkfluss - leckere Trinksilvaner mit Spannung und toll für feine Speisekombis — 8 months ago