Local Growers Sémillon 2019

Continuing my journey around South Australia, this is a lovely Semillon from a small Barossa Valley winery. Taste develops as the wine sits and comes close to room temperature with peach and grapefruit coming through — 2 months ago

Duke's Vineyard

Vintage Sparkling Shiraz 2017

Sparkling Shiraz is a tradition in Australia on Christmas Day. Bought this at Dukes Cellar Door 2 days ago. Very different to Barossa Sparkling like Rockford Black which, while good is much sweeter. This was savoury earthy and minerally - quite dark in colour. A great accompaniment to Turkey and Ham. — 2 years ago

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Norman Gennaro

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Really like the Rockford so if there is a way to get any of these in the states let me know please!!!
Bob McDonald

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@Norman Gennaro Is the Rockford Basket Press Shiraz available in the USA? If so at least you could contact the importer in the States and ask them. I suspect it would be a small production in any event of the sparkling. Good luck.


Cane Cut Sémillon 2010

Another absolutely delicious drop — 2 years ago


Johann Georg Single Vineyard Old Vine Shiraz 2003

Old vines, basket pressed.
Wow, this is a big wine, but the elegance and the balance are impressive
Huge intensity on the nose
Tasting it you can hardly feel it’s 15,5%
The flavour is immense
Fruit yes, but the focus is on liquorice and aniseed
Super fresh and quite tannic to be an Oz Shiraz . Never ending finish
Tasted just after a Basket Press 2001 Rockford I’d say this has more to say in the future when Rockford was more enjoyable now. Two great Oz wines anyway. At least another 10 years to go...I’d be curious
— 3 years ago

Mauro Gabriele
with Mauro
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Rifle Range Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Awesome wine! Need to find an importer — 3 months ago

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Black Barossa Valley Shiraz

Sparkling Shiraz is a tradition on Christmas Day in Australia and is a great match with Roast Turkey and Baked Glazed Ham. A foamy mousse amongst the dark Ruby red colour. Aromas of blackberry plum and spices. A wonderful palate - sweet and rich with soft velvety tannins. Plenty of life and freshness with red and black fruits. Just plain delicious. My only bottle sadly and I hope I have the willpower to leave my 2004 until next Christmas. These Rockford Blacks are rare birds even in Australia. Disgorged 2002. Postscript: Only purchased in mid 2020 from a private cellar. — 7 months ago

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Bob McDonald

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I would think Seppelt Sparkling Shiraz would have the widest distribution. Owned by Treasury Wine Estates , the owners of Penfolds.
Ron R

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Merry Christmas, mate!
Bob McDonald

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And to you Ron. Stay safe - you live in NY don’t you? Have been FaceTiming my son who lives over there. Cheers. Boxing Day test is on in Melbourne versus India. 25,000 instead of 100,000 at the MCG.


Pressings Shiraz 2005

Delicious. Fruity, powerful, tannin-y — 3 years ago

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Basket Press Barossa Valley Shiraz 1998

Inspired by the 50th anniversary of Ali vs Frazier 1, I decided to open the “Ali” and see how it compared to the ‘98 Grange (Frazier) that I drank last month. True to form this bottle “floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee.” Delivered all the power of the Grange with much more finesse. Both wines are true champions but similar to the “Fight of the Century” a slight edge to Grange (Frazier). — 5 months ago

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Ira Schwartz

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Unfortunately there will not be a rematch as I do not have any more ‘98 Rockford☹️
Doug Powers

Doug Powers

@Ira Schwartz, I remember visiting Rockford back in 1989, great winery, this wine was always quite fine!!
Scott Rowe

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Legendary 🍷

Dry Creek Vineyard

Wilson Ranch Dry Chenin Blanc

First fancy night out in Rockford with Kate — 2 years ago


Riesling 2001

Opened about 6/7 bottles in a night
They went from badly corked to a marvelous gracely aged riesling
From lime peel , caramelised lemon to ginger, nutmeg or even hints of curry
A bunch of selected mixed herbs was there too: from sage to Thai mint, and so much more that I made a beautiful looking paint(in my mind at least)
Never too sweet and reasonably long aftertaste, which replicates the above notes again
— 2 years ago

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