Le Coste

Ripazzo Lazio Procanico Malvasia

Drank outside in the backyard. Great! Vibrant orange in color. — 4 months ago

Decugnano dei Barbi

Villa Barbi Orvieto Classico Grechetto Blend

2020/4. Quite floral - I’d like to try this again next to some Palazzone, which I remember as much more nutty. — 7 months ago

Podere Orto

Trivium Lazio Rosso Sangiovese 2017

2017 vintage is an outstanding blend of Sangiovese, Cesanese, Ciliegiolo, Procanico. — 2 years ago

La Villana

Vino Bianco 2017

When I was a kid my mom would put salt on a lemon wedge and suck out the juice as a kind of after meal palate cleanser. This is kind of like that. — 2 years ago

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Le Coste

Bianco Procanico Blend

Amazing color. Peach, apricot, iced tea. A little nail polish on the nose too. Got some grip. High acidity. — 4 months ago

Soc Agr Gazzetta

Bianco Castagno Procanico

Loved this. Deep with a skin contact hint but delightfully light and chiseled and poised. Ragazzi here in Sydney is pretty great too. — 9 months ago

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Tenuta Le Velette

Berganorio Orvieto Classico Trebbiano 2017

Had the 2016, and this 17 is probably a bit better. So so good. First, it's really not as acidic as I would like. Both a good and bad thing. When enjoying lighter fare without a lot of sauce or spice, this Berganorio is a perfect match. Comprised of 30% Procanico, 30% Grechetto, 20% Malvasia, 15% Verdelho, and 5% Drupeggio, this wine is mildly acidic up front, but balanced by lighter lemon, lime and grapefruit that morphs into a wine that is more weighted and mature than expected through the middle and finish. Although the notes are always on the lighter, more tropical side, the wine doesn't ever take a thin or uninspiring side. Although I will definitely say that I don't think this one is really intended to age. Well done Velette! — 2 years ago

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La Villana

Vino Bianco Uovo Procanico

So fun. Clean and gritty. Astringency controlled but firm. Very aromatic. — 5 months ago

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Marchesi Antinori

Palazzo Antinori White Blend 2015

Full bodied, warm feelings, smooth. Excellent, unassuming wine. — 2 years ago

Azienda Agricola Ajola

Bianco Pic Nic Procanico Blend 2015

2015 vintage. Golden color, full-bodied, unfiltered (?), paired with ricotta gnocchi w/ butter, sage, chanterelles, charred sweet corn, & parmigiano. — 2 years ago