Prieto Picudo

Bodegas Alberto Nanclares y Silvia Prieto Viticultores

Pergola Dandelion Albariño 2021

White flowers, Meyer lemon, saline, high acid⚡️ — 14 hours ago

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Bodegas Margón

Pricum Primeur Prieto Picudo 2019

Raul Perez is a bit of a wine rock star, so I admittedly came to this 17$ entry level new project of his (with the Prieto varietal) with baited breath…& it did not disappoint. It drinks like…surprise.. a baby Morgon, with clean red cherries set in a fairly mineral frame. Quite lush on the nose. Not for acid hounds per se but still so vital & fresh. — a year ago

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Gamonal Vino de la Tierra de León Prieto Picudo 2016

Floral lavender nose, blueberry and cedar with a dry tongue aftertaste. Very enjoyable will get again. — 10 months ago

Domino Dostares

Estay Prieto Picudo 2018

Explorations of Castilla Y Leon part 2: no notes, but again that inky density & a fairly medium bodied expression of a varietal previously unknown. — a year ago

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Los Angeles River Wine Company

Lone Wolf Bob Munoa Ranch MISSION (LISTÁN PRIETO) 2020

Joe Carroll

Made from a very old vineyard in Temecula that hadn’t been pruned or cared for in over sixty years. — 2 years ago

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Bodegas Alberto Nanclares y Silvia Prieto Viticultores

'A Senda Vermella' Tinto Red Blend

Redcurrant, bell pepper, herbal, med - body, med + acid ✨ — 3 months ago

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Pedro González Mittelbrunn

Castilla y León Prieto Picudo

Never had a wine of this varietal before; very light, brownish red in the glass. Reminds me much of Pinot noir. Light red fruit and a slight wet soil to it, I’ve capped it to see if it will open a bit after a few days. edit: after a week of sealing it back up again, it’s opened wonderfully, many more flavors bloomed and intensified. A thoroughly enjoyable bottle. — 6 months ago

Bodegas de los Rios Prieto

Prios Maximus Roble Ribera del Duero

Pippuripihvin seurana, hyvä täyteläinen ja tanniininen viini — 2 years ago