Porta Palo


Palo Blanco Valle de la Orotava Listan Blanco 2020

Petroleum notes, a very big wine. Lovely! — a month ago

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Caves Vidigal

Porta 6 Estremadura Tinta Roriz Blend

Sour, not that dry of a finish but really smooth. Tastes fresh/bright. — 6 months ago

Emilio Lustau

Palo Cortado Península Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Seco Dry Palomino Fino

Dark amber, very dry, high acidity, light-medium bodied. Toasted almonds, bitter green olives, a little oily, saline finish. You could probably drink this with just about any food and be in a good place. — 2 years ago


Viejo C.P. Macharnudo Vineyard Palo Cortado Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Palomino Fino

Such an amazing wine.
This fino one day decides to not be, loses it flor and has a flirt with Amontillado..
N:cherries* ( my 26 yr daughters)Shoe polish, caramel candy.Nut treacle.oh so many constantly. Changes
Upon changes. Some petrol.
P: Feels a bit dying upon entry, sharp and luxuriously sapient and enveloping, leather shoes, oils that will always provide mystery.Caramel, Chalk, treacle…cobblestones.A beautiful thing to imbibe. 20°
@ 20th & Green
— a month ago

Sarah B
with Sarah
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Bodegas Hidalgo

Wellington 20 Years VOS Palo Cortado Sanlúcar de Barrameda Palomino Fino

Da bomb, for sherry lovers: Palo Cortado versión. A shape shifter on the palate & ringing on the higher registers, this Hidalgo checks all the boxes for me, which includes a lightness & freshness heaven made for most food. Burnt pine cone & toffee bits, a subtle mushroom thing (oyster?), & a rather trim beef bouillon broth lurking on the back end. That may all be bs but it’s a wine that inspires….. — 8 months ago

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Porta Vita

Delle Venezie IGT Rosso

Afrutado y dulce — 3 years ago

Vidigal Wines

Porta 6 Vinho Tinto

Really easy drinking — 5 months ago

Bodegas César Florido

Peña del Aguila Palo Cortado Palomino Fino

A Palo Cortado for the ages. Nothing can replicate the salinity and crispy, nutty caramel layers that penetrate your palate. You taste the sea. — 5 months ago

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Porta Caeli

Ament Red Blend 2013

#turkishwine #turkishwines #wineofturkey #winesofturkey — 3 years ago