Pignoletto D'imola, Emilia Romagna

Oro di Diamanti

Vines Sum Pignoletto

Natural sparkling! Bubbly and sour. Delicioso — 3 days ago

Orsi Vigneto San Vito

Sui Lieviti Pignoletto 2017

Tastes like excellent beer. Perfect with alpine cheeses like Comté, Challerhocker, or in my case, Schallenberg. Strong flavor of yeast and bread, followed by a sour finish. Enjoyable, even if one would not believe it was made with grapes. — 3 months ago


Vino Frizzante Pignoletto 2017

Unfiltered, funky and beautiful — a year ago

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Orsi Vigneto San Vito

Sui Lieviti Pignoletto Frizzante 2017

If there were any justice pignoletto would be as ubiquitous as prosecco — 17 days ago

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Osteria del Sole

Pignoletto Frizzante

Very first Pignoletto that I have tried. It is more dry than Prosecco, and less sweet. Loved it! — 7 months ago

Maria Bortolotti

Falestar Pignoletto

— a year ago

Società Agricola Gradizzolo

Bersót Sparkling White Blend

Some natty Pignoletto. Super bright. Very mineral. Loved it. — a year ago

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Fattoria Moretto

Emilia Frizzante Pignoletto

Dry frizzante with lemon and apple minerality. Perfect aperitif. — a month ago


Pignoletto Frizzante

Small bubble big boom — 4 months ago

Cleto Chiarli

Vecchia Modena Pignoletto

Sweet. Not a crazy amount of bubbles which isn't a bad thing — 10 months ago

Steve Black

Steve Black

Plus Clare