Mukuzani, Kakheti

Teliani Valley


One of the most interesting wines I’ve ever tasted. It’s has an almost sherry quality to it, with lots of structure. Is this fermented in stone or amphora? Twigs, honey, stone fruit, and a huge aroma of lemon balm and dried fruit. This shits crazy good and could command 3x the price — a day ago

Shalauri Cellars

Dry Amber Khikhvi 2015

Well balanced. Apricots. Wonderful stuff. — a month ago

D Collection

Alazanis Valley Semi-Sweet White Wine 2013

Pairs nicely with Georgian-level salty food. — 2 months ago


Dila-O Rkatsiteli Mtsvane 2019

Fun. Unique. Interesante. Coolio. — 19 days ago


Kisi Kakheti White Blend 2018

Tea, grape must, greenery shut down with firm tannins for serious food. — a month ago

Pheasant's Tears

Kakheti Tsitska

Very nice cheap orange. Lots of old vine vibes. — a month ago

Teleda Ltd. Kisiskhevi, Telavi, Georgia

ORGO cuvée Kisi Blend 2018

ORGO cuvée Kisi, Mtsvane, Rkatsiteli. Produced by: Teleda Ltd. Kisiskhevi, Telavi, Georgia. Купаж Киси, Мцване, Ркацители. С большим трудом ввезено. В Москве не сыскать. Изготовлено по европейской технологии. Для меня пахнет моим любимым, очень типичным именно Киси: цитрусовые, груша, белые цветы, нектарин, цедра апельсина, чуть аниса, специи. Умеренный фруктовый вкус с мягкой кислотностью, минерально. Люблю и с большой нежностью всегда вспоминаю Кахетию, Алазанскую долину и г-на Дакишвили 🧡 — 2 months ago

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Made in Qvevri Dry Unfiltered Saperavi Khashmi

Dark and brooding. Decant this tannic wine to reveal fruit and mineral notes. Your patience will be rewarded. — 7 months ago


Old Vine Dry Amber Mtsvane 2018

Bold, and flavorful white wine; delicious!
— a month ago


Kakheti Rkatsiteli 2018

Made from the Rkatsiteli grape variety grown in the Kakheti region of the Country of Georgia. This wine was fermented on the skins in Qvevri, large clay jars buried under the ground, following the 8000 year old Georgian traditional method. The wine’s amber color is a result of its extended contact with the skins. Nose and palate of dried peaches, apricots, nuts, baking spices, herbs, honey, sea water. Medium full body, medium plus acidity, high tannins. — 2 months ago

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