Henriques & Henriques

15 Years Old Madeira Malvasia

Now this is more like it. Powerful malmsey with a grip and complexity that recall the finest madeiras we’ve tasted. Rim gradation with a hint of green around the edge. Burnt sugar, citrus rind, caramel. The wine blossoms on the palate, oxidative notes show themselves before the rapier of acid drives home the finish, like a toreador’s sword. Fabulous. — 2 years ago

Alsu Shakirova
with Alsu
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Vinhos Barbeito (Rare Wine Company Historic Series)

Mr. Madison's Malmsey Madeira

Totally unexpected. Takes the best parts of a Madeira and Gran Marnier and blends smooth, natural. No bite, no after taste — 4 years ago

Justino Henriques

Madeira Malmsey 1933

‪thank you Justin's for making my 2am 🌃snack perfect: my crisp, caramel-cocoa 1933 Justino's Madeira Wines S.A #Madeira Malmsey harmonizes perfectly with your Snack Pack Almond Butter and your Snack Pack Chocolate Hazenut Butter. 2am deliciouness on a cold winter's night! ❄️ 🌙 ‬ — 5 years ago

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Vins Nus

SiurAlta Orange Grenache Blanc Blend 2019

Jo l’he trobat boníssim. Fora de l’habitual. Color molt singular, taronja pàl·lid. Sabor persistent que realment recorda la taronja. — 2 years ago

H.M. Borges

15 Year Madeira Malmsey

Medium brown; medium plus intensity aromas of apricot, dates, figs, cinnamon, cloves, bay, toast, smoke, chocolate, coffee; st, high acid, high alcohol, full body, medium plus intensity flavors of tangy fruit, figs, fig cookie, apricot, raisins, caramel apple, molasses, bay, laurel, wet leaves, tobacco, vanilla, long finish; very good — 4 years ago

Companhia Vinicola da Madeira

Madeira Terrantez 1880

The oldest liquid I’ve ever tasted. It is actually their Malmsey. — 5 years ago


10 Years Old Madeira Rich Malmsey

Spicy, balsamique, dried fruits, vanilla — 4 years ago

Vinhos Barbeito (Rare Wine Company Historic Series)

New York Special Reserve Malmsey Madeira

Dang this is tasty, especially with the devils affogato that I'm eating at current. Loads of nuttiness, coffee, fig jam, saline. Beautiful texture and not at all cloying. I hate to toot my own horn (my wife will tell you "no you don't..") but this pairing was freakin amazing. — 4 years ago

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Vintage Madeira Boal 1968

Tasted next to the 12 year malmsey. Great display/contrast of acidity expression on aged Madeira. — 5 years ago