Xavier Flouret

Quai Lumiere Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Cigar, earth, cherries. Deep and rich. Punches way above its price point. Actually got me to get back on to Delectable since I had to see if anyone else discovered this wine. Wow! — a month ago

Château Lumiere

Petite Lumiere Red Blend

Medium bodied wine with nice tasting notes of berries. Great for sharing with a good friend. — 2 years ago

Lumiere de Vie

California Cabernet Sauvignon

Nice no frills cab! Great with Italian! — 5 years ago


Orangé Pétillant Koshu

まったく甘くない。とっても私好み。色がオレンジで驚くが、甲州ぶどう100%。 — 4 months ago


Roero Arneis 2016

Crisp Piedmontese white (Arneis) with notes of apple and herbs, at Lumiere in West Newton, MA — 2 years ago

Un Vin de Terre Libre Comme L'Air

Le Sang de Lumiere du Paradis, Bois joli et des Gasneries Cabernet Franc 2005

Waw, what a wine. So fresh, so vibrant and alive from the get-go, just shimmering with purity and fruit, energising on the palate. There is a level of finesse that we really did not expect with this wine, so youthful. A great wine, one I wouldn't hesitate to pick up again! — 4 years ago

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Jean Velut

Lumiere et Craie Brut Champagne Blanc de Blanc

Cake batter and limestone. Great acid. Nice long leesy finish. Good stuff — 8 months ago

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Bench Lands Pinot Noir 2014

Lovely light Oregon Pinot Noir, with mild cherry and low acidity and tannin, at Lumiere in West Newton, MA — 2 years ago

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Lumiere de Vie


Smoky, light merlot. Very good with lighter, soft cheeses. — 5 years ago

Château du Chatelard

Cuvée Terre de la Lumiere Moulin-à-Vent Gamay

Solid. Earthy, light, vegetal with bitter tree fruit and racy acidity. — 5 years ago