Le Vigne Dei Metaresort

Umani Ronchi

XVI Vendemmia Vecchie Vigne Classico Superiore Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

2020 spring with Adriatic seafood dishes. This was another great verdiccchio, combining depth, richness, and freshness. I’d love to have some more — 2 years ago

Vigne Rada

3 Nodi Isola dei Nuraghi Passito Bianco 2016


I have a huge sweet tooth so dessert wines are right up my alley. This just coats your mouth with sweet honeysuckle. Thanks to my bro @Todd Abrams for this recommendation. Hope you have more of this!! — 4 years ago

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Le Vigne di Zamò

Ronco Dei Roseti 1994

Gorgeous wine, fruit still fresh and clean and a whiff of dirt. Veneto wine history. Pignolo involved. — 7 years ago

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Vigne Surrau

Surrau Isola dei Nuraghi Grenache Blend 2009

It’s carignano, muristelli, cannonau and Cabernet. Not Grenache at all. Great and very rare. — 4 years ago

Umani Ronchi

Casal di Serra Vecchie Vigne Classico Superiore Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

Lemon, lime, green apple and lavender. Paired with Salmon & lentils for lunch. — 4 years ago

Le Vigne dei Metaresort

Terranobile Salerno Malbec

Made in Giffoni Valle Piana near Salerno, Italy.
This wine is produced by a single grape of Marbec. It tastes a fresh and fruit flavour.
— 6 years ago

Vigne Surrau

Isola dei Nurahi IGT Red Blend

Very fruity, spicy. Slightly sweet. Perfect with barbecue or a spicy couscous. — 4 years ago

Vigne dei Cardinali

Gutturnio Toma Frizzante Duemiladodici Barbera Bonarda 2014

麹町ロッシにて。よく冷えた赤の微発泡♡大変美味しゅうございました(o^^o) — 6 years ago

Vigne Surrau

Barriu Isola dei Nuraghi Cannonau Blend

Plums, blackberries, black pepper, baking spices. Long finish, oaky, smooth tannins. — 8 years ago