Brauhaus Tegernsee

Tegernseer Hell Lager


This was a super Hell Lager. Dry, crisp with a fresh taste that had a little bread, wheat and hops. Nice, lightly carbonated with a smooth fluffy head.

German beer as it should be. Próst mein host.
— a year ago

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Jack's Abby Brewing

Hoponius Union IPL

Typical IPA. Very good but nothing special. — 4 years ago

Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan (Weihenstephaner)

Original Premium Lager

Hot day. Mapo tofu and cold beer! — 5 years ago

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Lager Beer

Nothing especially fancy here but it was a smooth cold beer, so I'm not mad at it. If you've had a Sapporo draft you've essentially had this. Thai massage costs extra. — 6 years ago

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@Bill Bender Bill I know that SD and CA have some of the best beers on the planet. Ballast Point Sculpin and Stone's IPA among others. Here's a few of my BC favorites: Nasty Habit- Mt. Begbie Co, Thunderpunch and Amnesiac-Phillips, Shipwreck IPA- Lighthouse Brewing and my all time favorite Fat Tug- Driftwood Brewery. Cheers 🍻
Bill Bender

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Thank you @Phil A there are several local stores and restaurants that carry huge inventories of bottles and/or beer on tap. I'm going to see if I can locate any of these in SD


@Bill Bender Bill if you do I look forward to your thoughts Cheers from BC 🍻


Nastro Azzurro Lager Blend

Go Navy! Thank you for your service fellow shipmates and same to you Army! 🏈⚓️🇺🇸 — 2 years ago

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Lager Beer

Great for a hot day in Columbia Co. NY — 4 years ago

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@Severn Goodwin Looks Great to me. Have a refreshing weekend Cheers 🍻
Sharon B

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That makes me want a cold one!! 🍺🌞

Ballast Point Brewing Company

Fathom IPA-Style Lager

This has been relaunched as an IPA. Very clean and drinkable at 6.0% ABV. As close to a “session” IPA as I’m interested in. Pure grapefruit peel with a nice bitter finish. — 5 years ago

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Premium Quality The Original Thai Beer Lager

Always enjoy Singha but am agreeing that it’s 1/better from a bottle and 2/when from a can, Chang is better. — 4 years ago

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Chapel Down

Curious Brew Lager 2019


A favourite of mine. This English lager is smooth, with a subtle malt flavour that has the slightest hint of fruit. Brewed using Saaz and Cascade hops it is in its finally stages re-fremented with champagne yeast and Nelson Sauvin hops.

All-in-all a delightful lager.
— 4 years ago

Maui Brewing Company

Bikini Blonde Lager

I hate beer but this is beautiful. — 5 years ago

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