Ryden Beer Pilsner

Ron R

Tilts more towards a traditional IPA with slightly bitter hops, but quite punchy and refreshing - Buddha-Bar NYC. — 22 days ago

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Brouwerij Noordt Rotterdan

7 Hops

Brouwerij Noordt Rotterdam - 7Hops Double Pale Ale — 2 months ago

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Premium Pils Pilsener 1817

Tasty German pils. Hops and maltiness. Very classic for the style. Goes down well on a hot day when very cold. This is the same beer as in Germany I think, not a made for export version. 11.2 oz bottle. — 3 months ago

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Victory Brewing Company

Brotherly Love Hazy IPA


Have always loved this brewery - real solid lineup and in a sea of IPA this is very well executed: brmming with flavors without hitting you over the head w/citrus & bitter hops. — 3 months ago

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Tupps Brewery

DDHIPA The Full Nelson

Cloudy yellow of old bones crowns the roiling trove. This one came in costume, as a peel reveals the sour ‘neon shades’ of its former life. Nelson Sauvin, you rascal! Prickly pear flavor suspended in a mucilaginous grapefruit, pomegranate, and lemon oil jell-o. Thin skin orange with pith, salty lime, peppery green grapes, and pine. Can’t quite put a finger on what makes this so dang enjoyable, but there it is. Sparkly, minerally, for sure, but tropical with crystalline pineapple, like a rocky wood that ends on a tropical beach. Eco-dichotomy. .
#tuppsbrewery #txbeer #texasbeer #tuppsddhipa #tuppsthefullnelson #nelsonsauvin #hops #beer #bier #birra #biere #cerveza
— 19 days ago

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Moscato della Torre Moscato di Noto 2019

Smells like a muddled shaker of mosaic hops, Douglas fir, marijuana stems, and orange blossom honey. Earthy and floral and plenty of citrus too.

Allow it to warm to see full character and flavor. Flavors of grapefruit IPA become honeyed tangerine and jasmine.
— 2 months ago

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The Fableist

373 Cabernet Sauvignon

Clusters and hops. Lighter cab — 2 months ago


Maria Magdalena Black IPA

Brewed with rye, citra and mosaic hops | at Catharijneconvent — 2 months ago

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Deschutes Brewery

Lil'Squeezy Juicy Pale

Very enjoyable. Enough hops, enough fruit. Refreshing. — 3 months ago

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Samuel Smith Old Brewery

Sam'l Smith's Organic Cherry Fruit Beer

This cherry ale is such a pleasure to drink! It’s medium-bodied and almost creamy textured with light sweetness and no astringency or bitterness. The color is medium red with a thin light pink head and at first sip, I get strong almond notes with hints of cherry and floral hops. The taste reminds me of a cream filled chocolate covered cherry with a subtle cranberry finish. You can taste the quality of this beer and I feel lucky to have tried it! Definitely try it if you get the chance. — 4 months ago

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Lovely! Cheers!🍻
Sharon B

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That sounds really delicious!!