Hatherwood Craft Beer Company

Nippon Craft Beer Co

Kagua Blanc Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Ron R

Always a strong showing, but Weldwerks pips this at the post… — a month ago

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Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

Speculoos Cookie Butter Beer

I don’t often beer it, and I’ve never actually logged a beer here, but this one called to me on St Paddy’s Day. It’s not Irish, but it is beer, and I still drank wine with dinner, but this delicious vanilla coconut chai spice of a refreshment was dessert! Like the perfect adult combination of root beer, cream soda and chai tea. — 4 months ago

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Kyoto Beer

Delicious, well made and balanced. Best of Japanese beer craft with IPA character — a year ago

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Nelson Sauvin Brut Belgian Wild Ale

This is Chardonnay Barreled beer. Hoppy and taste deep barrel flavour:-) Special gift for our anniversary from master of neighbour craft beer bar🍺 #mikkeller — 3 years ago

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D9 Brewing Company

Brown Sugar Brown Cow Mocha


Loved this - another local craft beer that delivers tons of flavor without being over the top: generous coffee & toffee, chocolate & vanilla - I mean, this is liquid dessert but not cloyingly sweet. Can’t drink this all the time, but it’s a beautiful aromatic & delicious sipper from time to time. — a month ago

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Catamount Brewery & Taproom

Catamount IPA

Harpoon's OG craft beer project — 9 months ago

Beth Moore
with Beth

Nippon Craft Beer Co

Far Yeast Tokyo Blonde

Ron R

Sunday afternoons - beer and studies! At $3.99 per bottle, this is a steal. — 2 years ago

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@Ron R Cheers 🍻
Ryan Vento

Ryan Vento

I need this.
Ron R

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Not the studies I hope, @Ryan Vento 😝

Four Peaks Brewing Company

Kilt Lifter Scotch-Style Amber Ale

Maybe the number one craft beer sold in Arizona; it seems to be sold everywhere. Slight head on pour, tiny bubbles. Amber with caramel brown tint (picture doesn’t do justice to the color or clarity). Toffee and yeasty notes on nose. Mild hoppy flavor up front, toasty malt, then a pine-hop finish with tactile fizz on palate. Slight bitterness too, but welll rounded flavors, a touch of sweetness at most. Toasty, slightly hopped fun. The cheeky name is another conversation in its own right. Four Peaks built their fortune on this Scottish-style ale, refreshing and quaffable without being boring — 3 months ago

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Excellent! Cheers!🍻

Bell's Brewery

Oberon Ale

I tried this beer from Michigan at the new Craft + Carry on 7th Avenue in Chelsea. It’s an excellent crisp wheat beer. Another domestic favorite. — a year ago

Niigata Brewery

Japanese Craft Beer

Cold and malty, good afternoon beverage — 2 years ago

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Cheers! 🍻